Code:55x40UK800stratford.JPG Title:Stratford - on Avon heart of Shakespear’s England Size:55 x 40 in / 139.7  x 101.6 cm Retail:800 Description:oange cream tan beige large male figure overlooking town Shakespeare  travel vintage poster horizontal train british railways Code:USse226ATHEsepjantwenty1945.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- January 20, 1945 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:portrait of Ben Franklin in gold frame, laurel hanging from frame, skeleton key, drawing of fireplace, printing press ad,  1777 document, red Code:USse180MSCHsepjultwoeight1945.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post-  Jul 28, 1945 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:farm cilo grandpa grandfather lake house Code:USfi212UNKNtexaspan1945.JPG Title:Texas Panhandle Size:28 x 22 in./ 71 x 55.8 cm Retail:90 Description:cowboys , horses , red , yellow , green, blue Code:1war/15.5x23.5FR175espion.jpg Title:Taisez vous... L’Allemand a fui L’Espion Reste!  (SOLD) Size:15.5 x 23.5 in /   cm Description:SOLD Code:1war/17.5x25.5US400urgentnotice.jpg Title:Urgent Notice Size:17.5 x 25.75 in /  44.5 x 65.5 cm Retail:400 Description:vintage posters,  war Code:1entertainment/23.5x31.5FR600radioelectricite.jpg Title:Ecole Francaise de Radio Electricite Size:23.5 x 31.5 in /  cm Retail:600 Code:147x63/Artist.TSF.Paul.Colin.condition.43x51.$200.jpg Title:Le Triomphe de la Qualite Size:43 x 51 in. / 110 x 130 cm Retail:200 Description:Philips, herald, trumpet, sky, blue, yellow, vintage posters, 47x63
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