Code:1film/Service.Secret.47x63.$900.JPG Title:Service Secret Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 160 cm Retail:900 Code:139x55/Royal.Sport.39.5x54.5.2200.JPG Title:Le Royal Sport Quina (rouge et blanc) Size:39.5 x 54.5 in. / 100.3 x 138.4 cm Retail:2200 Code:139x55/Renault.Morel.Dupin.39x55.700.JPG Title: Teintuerues Henault - Morel Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:700 Code:139x55/Boules.39x55.JPG Title:Veritables Boules Pectorales Nerand Fils Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Code:139x55/SW.Kunsthalle.36x50.650.JPG Title:Kunsthalle Basel David Smith Skulpturn Horst Size:36 x 50 in. / 91.5 x 127 cm Retail:650 Code:139x55/IT.Junior.39x55.600.JPG Title:Facis Junior Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:600 Code:139x55/IT.Elba.39x55.450.JPG Title:Facis Elba, Wash and Wear Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:450 Code:139x55/IT.Mesquito.39x55.800.JPG Title:Mosquito, Il Motore Per Ogni Bicicletta Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:800 Code:139x55/IT.Aeronautica.39.5x55.5.600.JPG Title:Accademia Aeronautica Size:39.5 x 55.5 in. / 100 x 141 cm Retail:600 Code:139x55/FR.steel.mill.Eugene.Carriere.35.5x51.5.1200.jpg Title:steel mill Size:35.5 x 51.5 in. / 90 x 131 cm Code:139x55/FR.Charbon.38.75x50.75.1600.JPG Title:Charbon Chimique Rubaudo Size:38.75 x 50.75 in. / 98.5 x 129 cm Code:1german/GR.der.Langste.JPG Title:Der L' Angste Tag Code:1german/GR.Die.Gefahr.27.5x29.5.1200.JPG Title:Die Gefahr des Bolschewismus (The Danger of Bolshevism) Size:27.5 x 29.5 in. / 70 x 100.3 cm Code:1german/GR.frontoffiziere.1.05x15.25.JPG Title:Frontoffiziere. Roman von Otto von Gottberg Code:1german/GR.Go.23.5x36.JPG Title:Go hilft dein Gold Dir kampfen ! (That's How Your Money Helps You to Fight !) Size:23.5 x 36 in. / 60 x 91.4 cm Code:139x55/38X55FR900viviane.JPG Title:Viviane Gosset Size:38 x 55 in. / 96.5 x 139.7 cm Retail:900 Code:139x55/39x55FR1500dones.JPG Title:Per Als Germans del Front, Dones! Treballeu Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:1500 Code:1german/GR.37.5x49.5.Das.Tal.Der.Tranen.1300.JPG Title:Das Tal Der Tranen Size:37.5 x 49.5 in. / 94.6 x 125.7 cm Retail:1800 Code:1german/GR.37x49.5.Schmitt.Schuhe.850.JPG Title:Schmitt Schuhe Size:37 x 49.5 in. / 94 x 125.7 cm Retail:850 Code:1german/GR.35x49.Zeichnet.1450.JPG Title:Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe Size:35 x 49 in. / 89 x 124.5 cm Retail:1450 Code:1german/GR.33x54.Musste.400.JPG Title:So einen musste man haben! Size:33 x 54 in. / 84 x 137 cm Retail:400 Code:1german/GR.35x44.5.Volter.Europas.875.JPG Title:Volter Europas wahret heiligften Guter! (Nations of Europe, Join in the defense of your faith and your home! / Nations Europeennes, Defendez vos biens sacres! ) Size:35 x 44.5 in. / 89 x 113 cm Retail:875 Code:1german/GR.32x43.Zentrum.800.JPG Title:Was Wir Wollen Helft uns neu aufbauen, ZENTRUM Size:32 x 43 in. / 81.3 x 119 cm Retail:800 Code:1german/GR.37x49.5.Dr.Rudolph.Schwarzhiller.850.JPG Title:Fur Einigkeit und Wiederaufbau ! Gegen Ubersteuerung ! (Dr. Rudolph Schwarz-hiller) Size:37 x 49.5 in. / 94 x 125.7 cm Retail:850 Code:1product/FR.product.31x41.blois.850.jpg Title:A La Plume D' Or, Imprimerie C. Vannier, BLOIS Size:31 x 41 in. / 79 x 104 cm Retail:850 Code:1product/FR.product.31x62.Bayard.600.JPG Title:le nouveau de - BAYARD, le stylo sans reproche Size:31 62 in. / 79 x 157.5 cm Retail:600 Code:1product/FR.product.baignol.farjon.2800.JPG Title:roule ta bille…  Baignol and Farjon Retail:2800 Code:1product/SW.product.36x50.Papyrus.350.JPG Title:Papyrus AG. Basel Size:36 x 50 in. / 91.5 x 127 cm Retail:300 Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl14.jpg Title:L’Enfant Prodigue  - Pl. 14 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, music, pantomime, Pierrot, black, grey, white, cream Code:1art/38x54.5FR25000laitpur.jpg Title:Lait Pur Sterilise Size:38 x 54.5 in / 96.52 x 138.43 cm Description:food drink animals children artist, vintage poster, milk, little girl, cats, chair, dress,  red yellow black brown white Code:1entertainment/Theater.Mrs.Ponderburys.Past.LB.1895.39.75x86.2,400.jpg Title:Mrs, Ponderbury ‘ s Past, Roars of Laughter  Size:39.75 x 86 in. / cm Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl16.jpg Title:Harper’s  - Pl. 16 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, publication, magazine, Beggerstaff, guard, black, red, ochre Code:1animals/33x52FR1200exporusse.jpg Title:Exposition Russe- Champ de Mars Size:33 x 52 in /  x  cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, animals, artist, exhibition, Emmanuel Poiré, horse, Russian, blue, red, yellow, black, brown Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl79.jpg Title:The New Woman by Sydney Grundy, From the Comedy Theatre, London  - Pl. 79 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, theatre, theater, book, smoking, cigarette, key, papers, spectacles, eye glasses, grey, black, yellow, red, brown, green, woman sitting, arms extended over knees Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl148.jpg Title:The J.P. from the Strand Theatre London - Pl. 148 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, smoking, tuxedo, top hat, cigar, theater, theatre,  black, yellow, white, green Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR325pl128.jpg Title:The Quest of the Golden Girls - Pl. 128 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Retail:325 Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, book publication, romance, gown, grey, black, yellow, pink  Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR450pl184.jpg Title:A Trip to Chinatown  - Pl. 184 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, theatre, theater, Beggerstaff, Chinatown, Chinese man, squares,  black, orange, brown, green Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR275pl179.jpg Title:La Vache Enragee  - Pl. 179 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Retail:275 Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, artists, animals, cow, sword, black, grey,  white, cream, red, blue Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR590pl168.jpg Title:Rowntree’s Elect Cocoa - Pl. 168 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, drink, cocoa, coco, Beggerstaff, presidential, large man, black, pink, brown Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR950pl232.jpg Title:Kassama Corn Flour  - Pl. 232 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, food,  corn flour, Beggerstaff, yellow, black, brown Code:1entertainment/32x60FR1400juifpolonais.jpg Title:Le Juif Polonais Size:32 x 60 in / 81.2 x 152.4 cm Retail:1400 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, theater, theatre, Jewish, Polish, opera, comedy, tragedy, murder, intrigue, green, brown, black Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl235.jpg Title:Salon National de La Mode - Pl. 235 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, artists, fashion, products, exhibition, hairstyle, stylist, polka dots, red, green, grey, black Code:1art/17.5x31GR5500secession.jpg Title:Kunst-Ausstellung Secession Size:17.5 x 31 in / 44.5 x 79 cm Description:exhibition, artist , Franz von Stuck, Spartan with helmet, red plumage, gold black brown Code:FRpd064CAPPmaurinquina1906.JPG Title:Maurin Quina Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Description:green devil pulling cork from bottle, black background, yellow text, vintage, 47x63 Code:FRpd064CAPPcogpellisonlg1907.JPG Title:Cognac Pellison Size:47 x 63  in / 119.5 x 160 cm Description:boy wearing yellow top and bottom, carrying  barrel of cognac, drink, product, black, vintage, 47x63 Code:1art/21.5x34.5FR5500krefeld.jpg Title:Krefeld Size:21.5 x 34.5 in / 54.5 x 87.6 cm Description:exhibition, artist , Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, vintage poster, woman holding flower, plants, pink green black brown Code:1cyc/Cycles.Willy.Sluiter.29x35.5 $650.JPG Title:Bakker en zoon (before text) Size:29 x 35.5 in. / 73.7 x 90 cm Retail:650 Description:couple, man, woman, tires, tire, heavy, olive, yellow, red, grey, gray, black, blue, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, Holland, turn of the century Code:1film/47x63FR1200lesingedepetronille.jpg Title:Le Singe de Petronille Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:1200 Code:1black/81x81US3000greeneyedmonster.jpg Title:The Green Eyed Monster Size:81 x 81 inches /   cm Retail:3000 Code:1german/GR.37x56.5.Gold.750.JPG Title:Das Gold den Vaterland ! Size:37 x 56.5 in. / 94 x 143.5 cm Retail:750 Code:1war/21x29.5US225feedafighter.jpg Title:Feed A Fighter Size:21 x 29.5 in /   cm Retail:225 Description:vintage posters, black and white, trains, soldiers, US, WW, WWI, world war 1, US Food Administration Code:57x43US1200launchinganothership.JPG Title:Launching Another Victory Ship Size:57 x 43 in / 144.8  x 109.2 cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster horizontal brown black ship being built Code:32x22FR400expositionnationale.JPG Title:Exposition Nationale a Strasbourg Size:32 x 22 in / 81  x 56 cm Retail:400 Description:vintage poster horizontal publications green red  black man proposing toast scared woman monk dead historical roman drama La Petite Gironde Code:1german/NL.38.58x49.5.Arnhem.650.JPG Title:Viert Allen Mede, Vaderlandsch Historisch Volkfeest ( 3. 4.5. Sept. Arnhem 1919 ) Size:38.58 x 49.5 in. / 98 x 125.7 cm Retail:650 Code:1ru/28x41d.1920RU650LB.jpg Title:U N P K Size:28 x 41 in / x  cm Retail:650 Code:30.5x42.5FR600visitezclermont.JPG Title:visitez clermont Size:30.5 x 42.5 in / 77.5  x 108 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster  french travel lanscape Title:Crimson Skull Size:81 x 81 in / 205.5  x 205.5 cm Description:vintage poster film black cinema Title:Crimson Skull Size:40 x 80 in / 101.6  x 203.3 cm Description:vintage poster film black cinema Code:1large/53.75x78.5IT3500impermeabili.jpg Title:Impermeabili- Ettore Moretti (SOLD) Size:53.75 x 78.5 in /  x  cm Description:SOLD; scarecrow, frogs, rain, raincoat, impermeable fabric, hat, Achille Mauzan, white, green, yellow, black Code:1cyc/Cycles.Belgian.Scouts.22.25x28.5.$700.JPG Title:Baden Powell Belgian Boy and Sea Scouts Size:22.25 x 28.5 in. / 57 x 72.5 cm Retail:700 Description:champions, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, bikes, red, white, blue, black, brown, boy, sea, scouts, Belgian Code:FRdr037CAPPcontratto1922.JPG Title:Contratto Size:39 x 55 in / 139.5 x 198 cm Description:glass champagne woman lady drink Code:1drinkfood/47x63FR800prunelle.jpg Title:Prunelle Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:800 Description:aperitif drink vintage poster  art deco, man with bulbous nose toasting while holding bottle, red black yellow green white Code:1drinkfood/Drink.Mandarin.LB.50x78.1,800.jpg Title:Mandarin Size:50 x 78 in / x cm Code:1fashion/19.75x23.75FR450ltpiver.jpg Title:L.T. Piver Size:19.75 x 23.75 in /  cm Retail:450 Description:fashion, product, vintage poster, perfume, powders, lotions, soap, pearls, rose, flower, green, white, silver, beige, black, grey, brown Code:FRpd064CAPPcogmonnet1927.JPG Title:Cognac Monnet Size:50.5 x 78 in / 130.2 x 204 cm Description:woman red dress  grapes purple scarf glass cognac sun black background Code:1drinkfood/46x62FR850levegetaline.jpg Title:La Vegetaline  (SOLD) Size:46 x 62 in / 116.8 x 157.5 cm Description:SOLD; vegetable-based butter being sliced into pan, steam rising, orange blue red black white Code:1drinkfood/40x54FR1400tiffon.jpg Title:Tiffon Size:40 x 54 in / 101.6 x 137.2 cm Retail:1400 Description:drink vintage poster drink, man, bottle, orange black blue green Code:47x32BE650coleurspeintneuf.JPG Title:Coleurs Peint-Neuf Size:47 x 32 in / 120  x 81 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster horizontal green red orange yellow black family with dog painting Code:1large/75x54FRnormandinh2.jpg Title:Cognac Normandin Size:75 x 54 in /  x   cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, drink, cognac, top hat, cape, tuxedo, bottle, shadow, red, brown. black, green, orange, off white Code:USwe126HLEEstraightthrough1929.JPG Title:Straight Through Size:44 x 36 in / 112 x 91.5 cm Retail:1400 Description:bird, crow flying, pink Code:1art/47x62FR1600hoggar.jpg Title:Hoggar (paintings and designs by Paul Elie Dubois) Size:47 x 62 in / 120 x 157.5 cm Retail:1600 Description:vintage poster, artist, exhibition, Algeria, woman wearing traditional costume, dress, jewelry, blue, yellow, red black Code:63x47FR650arthurmartin.JPG Title:Arthur Martin Size:63 x 47 in / 160 x 120 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster horizontal artists Paul Colin product, various types of stoves, blue orange yellow black Code:1sports/Bec.Kina.47x63.$1800.jpg Title:Bec Kina Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:1800 Description:sports, rugby, athletes, black, red, yellow, orange, green, white Code:1drinkfood/49x76FR1800belpaese.jpg Title:Bel Paese Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:1800 Description:food, large, vintage poster, cheese wheel, map Italy, knife, portrait, king of cheese S.A.E. Galbani,  green cream red brown yellow black white Code:147x63/Exhibition.Lacroix.Will.Arts.Menagers.1932.47x61.$1,400.jpg Title:Arts Menagers Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 163 cm Retail:1400 Description:vintage poster, Grand Palais, public, exposition, home, house, orange, yellow, cream, black, Paris, French, 47x63, art deco, linen backed; discoloration on both sides toward center of poster  Code:1drinkfood/Drink.Favre.Nuxy.47x63.$550.jpg Title:Nuxy Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:550 Description:walnut brandy, spirits, liquor, kitchen, dining room Code:147x63/Product.LeMonnier.Henry.jouetfreres.1933.47x63.$650.jpg Title:Jouet Freres Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 163 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster, linens, linen, towels, shirts, chemiserie, toiles, lingerie, shawl, patterns, plaid, paisley, checkered, maid, closet, green, red, white, black, Paris, French, 47x63, art deco, linen backed Code:1art/36x50GR3500jahrmarkt.jpg Title:Die Jahmarkts-Orgel Size:36 x 50 in /  x  cm Retail:3500 Description:vintage poster, sports , artist, Schnackenberg, shooting tournament, target, heart, apron, checkered, rifle, firearm, yellow, black, white, red, green, pink Code:1fashion/39.5x55FR900corset.jpg Title:Corsets Le Furet- Le Reve de la Femme Size:39 x 55 in / 99 x  cm Retail:900 Description:vintage poster, product, fashion, corset, furet, ferret, art deco, yellow, orange, black Code:1art/20x30GR3500krahwinkel.jpg Title:Verliebtes Krahwinkel  (SOLD) Size: in / 59 x 91 cm Description:SOLD; theater, theatre, seasons of love, romance, Schnackenberg, butterflies, flowers, girl lifting lace curtain, bonnet, gloves, yellow, black, white, red, green Code:1fashion/36x50SW1800pkz.jpg Title:PKZ Size:36 x 50 in /  x  cm Retail:1800 Description:vintage poster, artist, product, fashion, design, Alois Carigiet, plants, animals, flowers, butterflies, text, birds, clothing, insects, beetle, white, green, yellow, black, blue Code:1sports/Olympic.Germany.Hohlwein.1936.$3,000.jpg Title:Germany 1936, IVth Olympic Winter Games Size:25 x 39.5 in / Retail:3000 Description:vintage poster, sports, winter, olympics, blue, red, yellow, black, white, Ludwig Hohlwein, Holwein, Holhwein, ski Code:1sports/ Title:L’ Orphelin de la Brousse et Chut .. le Kangourou Boxeur Size:31.5 x 47.5 in / 80 x 120.6 cm Retail:2200 Description:vintage poster, sports, animals, film, boxing, kangaroo, Australia, Australian, boxers Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.angel.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar April 1938 Size: in /  cm Code:1film/Cipher.Bureau.27x41.JPG Title:Cipher Bureau Size:27 x 41 in. / 68.6 x 104 cm Code:1lottery/lot0lottery.2.LB.jpg Title:Loterie Nationale ARTS MENAGERS Size:16 x 23.5 in / 40.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:400 Description:art deco, finance, money, home, living room, office, life style, plug, feather duster, lottery, loterie, pink, green, black, red, stripes, chair furniture, product Code:1lottery/lottery.13.15x23.LB.$350.jpg Title:Loterie Nationale- Tranche de la Marine de Guerre - TOUCHEZ le POMPOM Size:16 x 23.5 in / 40.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:350 Description:art deco, finance, money, lottery, loterie,  product, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, black, red, sailor, ocean, sail Code:1lottery/lottery.LoterieNat.Moissons.15.5x23.25.LB.$400.jpg Title:Loterie Nationale- MOISSONS Size:16 x 23.5 in / 40.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:400 Description:art deco, finance, money, lottery, loterie,  product, orange, yellow, grey, black, brown, agriculture, farmer, sickle, sweat, cheer, joy, jump Code:MexicoMayDay.JPG Title:May Day 1939 Size:19x25 Retail:800 Description:Unite against war Code:mexicoelfascismo.JPG Title:El Fascismo 8th Conferencia Size:19x25 Retail:800 Code:1music/47x63FR900jaimeplana.jpg Title:Jaime Plana Size:47x63 Retail:900 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, theater, man, orange music Code:1german/GR.37.25x54.25.Bruderlein.Fein.1000.JPG Title:Bruderlein fein (also known as: Bratricku muj) Size:37.25 x 54.25 in. / 94.6 x 137.8 cm Retail:1100 Code:1work/Scrap.It.Keely.d1942.20x30.$400.sideA.JPG Title:Scrap It Size:20 x 30 in. / 50.7 x 76.2 cm Retail:400 Description:black, grey, wrench Code:147x63/Dault.J.1942.24x62.$600.jpg Title:Les Propheties du Grand Patriote Barbi - Chou Size:24 x 62 in. / 61 x 157.5 cm Retail:600 Description:cartoon, tunnel, black and white, narrow, news, clues, questions, discovery, cow, 47x63  Code:1war/22x27US450ifyoutell.jpg Title:If You Tell... Don’t Talk About Troop Movements  (SOLD) Size:22 x 27 in /   cm Description:SOLD; black and white, trains, soldiers, US, WW2, WWII, world war 2 Code:147x63/Expo.1943.44x62.$700.jpg Title:Grande Exposition de la Famille Francaise Size:44 x 62 in. / 111.7 x 157.5 cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster, family, fire place, French, black, orange, yellow, pipe, knitting, kids, 47x63  Code:1art/47x64FR2200semaine.jpg Title:Semaine de la Securite Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:2200 Description:artist, Paul Colin, insurance, fire, vintage poster, knight in armor standing, red orange yellow black grey cream  Code:1cyc/Cycles.Verde.28x39.$700.JPG Title:Biciclette Verde Size:27.5 x 39 in. / 70 x 99 cm Retail:700 Description: green, yellow, white, black, gear, parts, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, Italian, Torino, art deco Code:USwe156VIKEpblbflatonfeet4828.JPG Title:PBLB The fellow who doesn’t care is flat on his feet Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:athlete wearing pair of black sneakers above basketball court, sports Code:1art/47x63FR1200f.bernard.arts.menagers.jpg Title:Arts Menagers Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, artist, animals, exposition, exhibition, snail, red blue yellow orange black
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