Code:1shtmsc/captain.cupid.JPG Title:Captain Cupid Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1ru/FR.27.5x41.5.$300.JPG Size:27.5 x 41.5 in / x  cm Retail:300 Code:1ru/FRH.27x40.Boara.JPG Title:BOArA BOArA Size:40 x 27 in / x  cm Code:1ru/FRH.32x46.JPG Size:32 x 46 in / x  cm Code:1ru/FRHships.39x25.$450.JPG Size:39 x 25 in / x  cm Retail:450 Code:147x63/Jean.Bart.47x63.$800.jpg Title:Jean Bart Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 160 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster, shoes, shoe polish, boots, cream, impermeable, red, blue, yellow, navy, commander, privateer, captain, admiral, Eblagon - Landsberg, Paris, French, 47x63 Code:1sports/ Title:Sabena Size:25 x 38.5 in / 63.5 x 98 cm Description:winter, ski, snowman, captain, snow, airlines, Polish Code:1sports/ Title:Poland- The Polish Tatra Mountains Invite You for Skiing and Recreation Size:26.5 x 38.5 in / 67.3 x 98 cm Description:winter, ski, snowman, captain, snow, mountains, downhill, airlines, Polish, Orbis Code:1german/GR.Go.23.5x36.JPG Title:Go hilft dein Gold Dir kampfen ! (That's How Your Money Helps You to Fight !) Size:23.5 x 36 in. / 60 x 91.4 cm Code:1lottery/lottery.DSCN9686.16x23.LB.$400.JPG Title:Loterie Nationale CROISIERES Size:16 x 23 in / 40.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:400 Description:art deco, finance, money, boat, captain, ships, orange, grey, yellow, blue, cheer, lottery, loterie, product Code:63x46FR700oceanic.JPG Title:Oceanic Size:63 x 46 in / 160  x 117 cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster entertainment home ships horizontal red blue yellow ships captain television Code:USse236JFALsepjulytwoone1956.JPG Title:SEP July 21 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:conch girls beach navy captain grandfather sea ocean water shell family Code:CUcu242BACHcapitan1972.JPG Title:Capitan Korda  (SOLD) Size:20 x 30 in / 50.8 x 76.2 cm Description:SOLD; pink green yellow blue, captain in boat, ship, flag
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