Code:47x63FR675epernay.JPG Title:Epernay de Castellane Size:47 x 63 in / 120  x 160 cm Retail:675 Description:Razzia artist drink fashion orange red green blue black  woman holding glass champagne Code:47x57FR675pechermignon.JPG Title:Pecher Mignon Size:47 x 57 in / 120  x 144.8 cm Retail:675 Description:Razzia artist drink fashion orange red green blue black  woman holding glass champagne Code:47x32FR475montebello.JPG Title:Montebello Champagne Size:47 x 32 in / 114.3  x 81.4 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster horizontal yellow green red text only champagne Code:1game/26.5x64.5FR800kingred.JPG Title:king, red, holding glass for a toast #158, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 64.5 in / Retail:800 Description:king, red, holding glass for a toast, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/26.5x63FR800pierotpaunchfaded.JPG Title:pierot, paunch belly, white wine, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 63 in / Retail:800 Description:pierot with a paunch belly saluting with drink yellow blue red, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:43x30SP450champagneforet.JPG Title:Champagne Foret Size:43 x 30 in / 109 x 76 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster horizontal black text against  yellow background ad for champagne Code:1game/26.5x65FR900champagne.toast.jpg Title:King- champagne toast, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 65 in / 67.3 x 165 cm Retail:900 Description:, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1art/27.5x39.5FR350liebart.JPG Title:Liebart-Regnier Champagne Size:27.5 x 39.5 in / 70 x 100.5 cm Retail:350 Description:vintage poster, drink, artist, Philippe Sommer, wine, red, burgundy, orange, tellow, purple, black, vin, vins Code:1drinkfood/Champagne.Nicolas.Feuillatte.47x63.400.jpg Title:Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Size:47 x 63 in /  120 x 63 cm Retail:400 Code:1drinkfood/Billecart.herve.morvan.23.5x16.300.JPG Title:Billecart Size:23.5 x 16 in /   cm Retail:300 Code:1drinkfood/Champagne.Andre.Laine.14x19.400.JPG Title:Champagne Andre-Laine Size:14 x 19 in /   cm Retail:400 Code:1drinkfood/Geisweiler.Marton.c.1920.47x63.700.jpg Title:Geisweiler Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160   cm Retail:700 Code:1cyc/Cycles.Diplome.22x17.$300.JPG Title:Diplome Size:22 x 17 in. / 56 x 43 cm Retail:300 Description:crowd, child, kids, picnic, wine, champagne, celebration, celebrate, race, winner, hill, field, man, woman, certificae, diploma, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, green, blue, red, yellow, white, French, turn of the century
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