Code:64x47FR600ducretetthomson.JPG Title:Ducretet Thomson Size:63 x 47 in / 160  x 120 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster horizontal red white man holding up large television blocking face Code:47.25x30.75FR375philco.JPG Title:American TV Philco Size:47.5 x 30.75 in / 120.6  x 78 cm Retail:375 Description:vintage poster horizontal black white red man on rooftop antennas  television Code:1entertainment/30x47FR475annyflore.jpg Title:Anny Flore Size:30 x 47 in / 76 x 120 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, music, portrait of singer, Disques Pathe, blue, yellow, orange, red, white Code:1large/90x62FRimperialh2.jpg Title:Hotel Imperial Size:90 x 62 in /  x   cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, drink, food, entertainment, film, movie, cinema, banquet, toast, romance, red, brown. black, green, orange, off white Code:1entertainment/25.5x19FR400hommeeclair.jpg Title:L’Homme Eclair- Decio Marinelli  (SOLD) Size:25.5 x 19 in / 65 x 48 cm Description:SOLD; cycles, daredevil Decio Marinelli, jump, ramp, stairs, yellow, blue, red, white Code:1large/55x87FR2400gyroscope.JPG Title:Le Gyroscope Humain Size:55 x 87 in /  x  cm Retail:2400 Description:vintage poster, large, artist, entertainment, Faria, human gyroscope,  crowd, spectacle, red, blue, white, green, yellow Code:1large/60.5x90FR3500izarra.jpg Title:Liqueur IZARRA Size:60 x 90 in /  x  cm Retail:3500 Description:vintage poster, large, artist, entertainment, drink, Paul Colin, dancer, Basque region, liqueur, black, red, white, green, yellow Code:1large/42x76FR1600mistinguette.jpg Title:Mistinguette Size:42 x 76 in /  x  cm Retail:1600 Description:vintage poster, large, artist, entertainment, Daniel de Losques, Mistinguette, red, blue, white, green, yellow Code:1auto/36x49FR900olympia.jpg Title:Olympia- Looping the Loop Size:36 x 49 in /  x  cm Retail:900 Description:vintage poster, auto, cycles, daredevil, stunt cyclist riding looping ramp, blue white , L’Americain Diavolo  Code:1large/123x90FRpinderh3.jpg Title:Pinder on Ice- Le Cirque Sur Glace Size:123 x 90 in /  x   cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, circus, sports, entertainment, ice skating, rink, stunts, tights, dresses, fur coat, hat with plumes, clown, trapeze spectacle, red, blue. pink, white, green, yellow, orange, purple Code:1large/120x94FR1200veuveamiot.jpg Title:Veuve Amiot Size:120 x 94 in /  x  cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, drink, music, entertainment, plants, red, yellow, white, green, roses, sheet music, champagne, brut, wine, vin, vins Code:1entertainment/46x63FR800rejane.jpg Title:Rejane La Piste Size:46 x 63 in / cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster, theater, entertainment, Victorian portrait, women, pink, red, black, white, woman Code:1entertainment/24x62FR700blonwels.jpg Title:Blonwel’s Size:24 x 62 in / cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster, theater, entertainment, comedy, comedian, watch, time piece, red, black, white, miniature woman Code:1holidayvalentine/theater.timbale.22x30.475.JPG Title:La Timbale D’ Argent Size:22 x 30 in / x  cm Retail:475 Code:1holidayvalentine/theater.paul.virginie.JPG Title:Paul and Virginie Size:x in / x  cm Code:1framed/Cognac.Sorin.framed.img46x62.finished51x67.jpg Title:Cognac Sorin Size:46 x 62 in / cm Description: 47x63 Code:1shtmsc/a.1000.kisses.JPG Title:a 1000 Kisses (1000 baisers) Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/aimez-moi.ce.soir.JPG Title:Aimez-moi , Ce Soir Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/captain.cupid.JPG Title:Captain Cupid Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/abat-jour.les.JPG Title:Les Abat Jour Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:147x63/Colin.Paul.JeanSarment.1930.47x63.$700.jpg Title:Jean Sarment Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 160 cm Retail:700 Description:portrait, black, white, blue, 47x63
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