Title:A. Capoulade Description:food woman french Code:48x40FR700bourin1.JPG Title:Bourin red white Size:48 x 40 in / 122 x 101.5 cm Retail:700 Description:red white man drinking vintage poster horizontal art deco Code:63x46FR800philipsredhead.JPG Title:Philips 125 790 red head Size:63 x 46 in / 160  x 117 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster entertainment home horizontal applaince red blue yellow woman appliances refrigerator Code:70x48FR650lulublue.JPG Title:LuLu blue Size:70 x 48 in / 177.8  x 122 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster horizontal food blue orange buttered biscuits shortbread cookies Code:61x45FR800concord.JPG Title:Conord duck  (SOLD) Size:61 x 45 in / 155 x 115 cm Description:SOLD; blue red yellow white duck carrying plate of food out of refrigerator Code:63x48FR650froidphilips.JPG Title:Froid Philips Size:63 x 48 in / 160 x 122 cm Retail:800 Description:blue red yellow white eskimo pushing sled carrying refrigerators vintage poster horizontal Code:46.5x62FR675lgpasta.JPG Title:Pasta Size:46.5 x 62 in / 118  x 157 cm Retail:675 Description:Razzia artist drink fashion yellow red gold silver pasta on fork Code:51.25x21.25FR400vitho.JPG Title:Vitho Supreme Yoghourt (yogurt) Size:51.25 x 21.25 in /   x  cm Retail:400 Description:vintage poster horizontal product food green blue white grass boy with four arms holding cups of yogurt Code:51x34FR450thecoloniale.JPG Title:The de la Coloniale Size:51 x 34 in /   x  cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster horizontal product drink red blue yellow text only ad for tea Code:62x46FR700fapanispartial.JPG Title:Fap Anis Size:62 x 46 in / 157.5 x 117 cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster horizontal flapper holding up drink for a toast red yellow green orange blue Code:63x47FR800cognacdor.JPG Title:Cognac DíOr Size:63 x 47 in / 160 x 120 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster horizontal text advertising cognac red orange Code:60x45FR650laraphaelle.JPG Title:La Raphaelle Bonal Size:60 x 45 in / 152.5 x 114.3 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster horizontal text and bottle advertising liqueur brown yellow green Code:47x31FR475gaufremirella.JPG Title:Gaufre Mirella Size:47 x 31 in / 120 x 78.7 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster horizontal biscuit and text against background blue orange yellow Code:60x36FR450unpereux.JPG Title:Un Pereux Size:60 x 36 in / 152.5 x 91.5 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster horizontal man bursting through paper with bottle of Un Pereux in hand green yellow red Code:75x38FR800clacqesin.JPG Title:Clacquesin Size:75 x 38 in / 190.5 x 96.5 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster horizontal lanscape Norwegian pines house bottle two glasses blue red green white Code:63.5x47FR600iza.JPG Title:Iza Size:63.5 x 47 in / 161.2 x 120 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster horizontal lanscape bottle mountain blue yellow green Code:1drinkfood/37x57FR800ade.jpg Title:...eade Size:37 x 57 in / 94 x 144.8 cm Retail:800 Description:drink vintage poster food, orane head, glass with ade, blue green black white Code:1h/63x47FRbendix.jpg Title:Bendix Size:63 x 47 in / 160  x 120 cm Retail:900 Description:vintage poster, horizontal, food, drink, animals, home, refrigerator, appliance,  green, yellow, blue, red Code:1drinkfood/45x63FR600brossard.jpg Title:Biscuits Brossard Size:45 x 63 in / 114.3 x 160 cm Retail:600 Description:food vintage poster children, man tipping hat to butter brick, bar, red blue yellow white Code:1war/20.5x28US200mercier.jpg Title:Cardinal Mercier Size:20.5 x 28 in /   cm Retail:200 Description:vintage posters, food, save and conserve, France, Belgium, Italy,  US, WW1, WWI, world war 1 Code:1art/27.5x39.5FR350chocolat.jpg Title:Chocolat Klaus Size:27.5 x 39.5 in / 70 x 100.5 cm Retail:350 Description:vintage poster, food, animals, artist, Philippe Sommer, chocolate, dog, bull terrier, brown, yellow, white, black Code:1drinkfood/46x62FR850claregal.jpg Title:Claregal Size:46 x 62 in / 116.8 x 157.5 cm Retail:850 Description:food vintage poster, boy, soft cheese in wheel, four leaf clover, dairy, orange blue red yellow  green white Code:1art/27.5x39.5FR350huileolive.jpg Title:Huile Dí Olives Vierge Extra Size:27.5 x 39.5 in / 70 x 100.5 cm Retail:350 Description:vintage poster, food, plants, artist, Philippe Sommer, olive oil, green, yellow, red, black, white Code:12x19FR90eyssericblue.jpg Title:Eysseric Size:12 x 19 in / 30  x 48 cm Retail:120 Description:vintage poster food product, art deco, candy man, blue Code:12x19FR90eyssericred.jpg Title:Eysseric Size:12 x 19 in / 30  x 48 cm Retail:120 Description:vintage poster food product, art deco, candy man, blue Code:1drinkfood/22.75x34FRfarinenestle.jpg Title:Farine Lactee Nestle Size:22.75 x 34 in. /  cm Description:vintage poster, food, children, baby, infant, plate farina, paper hat, blue, red, white, yellow Code:31.5x47FR800frigeco.jpg Title:Frigeco Size:31.5 x 47 in / 78.7  x 120 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster food product, family sitting at table ready to eat, refrigerator door open red white blue green black brown Code:22.5X32.5FR475frigidaire.jpg Title:Frigidaire Size:22.5 X 32.5 in / 57  x 81.4 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster food woman displaying assortment of desserts white pink green grey blue fruit dessert Code:31.5x47FR650gitonniere.jpg Title:Gitonniere Size:31.5 x 47 in / 78.7  x 120 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster food woman different cheeses Code:1large/90x62FRimperialh2.jpg Title:Hotel Imperial Size:90 x 62 in /  x   cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, drink, food, entertainment, film, movie, cinema, banquet, toast, romance, red, brown. black, green, orange, off white Code:1drinkfood/46x63FR450lavazzaspoons.jpg Title:Lavazza Size:46 x 63 in / 116.8 x 160 cm Retail:450 Description:drink vintage poster, ad for coffee, woman sitting in coffee, spoons along top of her head, cup earrings, red brown white   Code:1drinkfood/19x25.5FR240lepaysan.jpg Title:Le Paysan Size:31.5 x 47 in / 78 x 120 cm Retail:240 Description:vintage poster, food, drink, plants, kitchen, vegetables, flowers, blue, brown, red, green, yellow, pink, white Code:1large/124.5x95FRbanania.jpg Title:Le Rapide de Siberie Size:124.5 x 95 in / 316 x  cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, animals, donkey, dog, buggychildren, grandmother, grandchildren Code:1drinkfood/47x68FR1200lu.jpg Title:Lu Lu Biscuits,  Lefevre-Utile Size:47 x 68 in / 120 x 172.7 cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, large, food, children, biscuit, basket, overcoat, hat, turn of the century, blue, red, green, orange, grey Code:1drinkfood/46x59FR650bozonv.jpg Title:Mi Bozon-V Size:46 x 59 in / 116.8 x 149.8 cm Retail:650 Description:food vintage poster, woman, eggs, bowl, baking, yellow blue Code:29.5x45FR800milka.jpg Title:Milka Suchard Size:29.5 x 45 in / 73.6  x 114.3 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster food travel scenic setting of town advertisment Code:1large/OLlustucru.jpg Title:nids Lustucru Size: x in /  x 160  cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, food, animals, children, pasta, noodles, child, girl, birds, green, orange, red, blue, yellow, white Code:1drinkfood/39x60FR650valda.jpg Title:Pastilles Valda Size:39 x 60 in / 76.2 x 152.3 cm Retail:650 Description:food vintage poster, man, tin can, mints, scarf,  hat, suit, orange blue red yellow  green white Code:1drinkfood/44x61FR800prairie.jpg Title:Prairie  (SOLD) Size:44 x 61 in / 111.8 x 154.9 cm Description:SOLD; 47x63 Code:1drinkfood/47x63FR900stluc.jpg Title:St. Luc Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:650 Description:food vintage poster, monk, halo, bread, toast, orange blue red yellow brown white Code:1drinkfood/31.5x47FR650superphosphates.jpg Title:Super Phosphates Size:31.5 x 47 in / 78 x 120 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster, food, plants,  agriculture, fruit, vegetables, blue, brown, red, green, yellow, white Code:1drinkfood/48x69FR2400tripes.jpg Title:Tripes a la Mode de Caen Size:48 x 69 in / 122 x 175.3 cm Retail:2400 Description:vintage poster, large, artist, food, Cheret, woman cooking, tripes, red, blue, white Code:1black/47x15.25FRbanania.jpg Title:Vous Pouvez Vivre Sans Banania / Oui, mais.. tellement moins bien! Size:47 x 15.25 inches / 120 x  cm Code:1savignac/21.25x15.75FRmenu1.JPG Title:Menu- Les Vapeurs, cook Size:21.25 x 15.75 in / 54.5 x 40 cm Code:1savignac/21.25x15.75FRmenu2.JPG Title:Menu- Les Voiles, bird on sail boat Size:21.25 x 15.75 in / 54.5 x 40 cm Code:1savignac/21.25x15.75FRmenu.JPG Title:Menu- Les Vapeurs, waiter Size:21.25 x 15.75 in / 54.5 x 40 cm Code:1savignac/47x63FR700mortadella.jpg Title:Mortadella Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:700 Code:1drinkfood/Tous.31.5x47.FR.650.JPG Title:Lectures por TOUS , l Ď Hebdomadaire en Couleurs Size:31.5 x 47 in / 81.4  x 120 cm Retail:650 Code:1drinkfood/Food.l.Ideale.LB.46x62.5.475.jpg Title:LíIdeale Size:46 x 62.5 in / 120 x 160 cm Code:1drinkfood/Food.Paites.Alimentaires.LB.55x84.5.950.jpg Title:Pates Alimentaires Size:55 x 84.5 in /  cm Description:vintage poster, food, cooking, pots, pans, apron,, large, oversized, woman in kitchen, green, yellow, red, blue Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.Dejeuner.doubleimg.jpg Title:Le Dejeuner Sur Lí Herbe Size:20.5 x 15.25 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.5.75x9.25img.9.5x15.75paper.x3.closeup.jpg Title:La Poule au Pot- Lí Artiste Size:9.5 x 15.75 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.5.75x9.75img.9.5x13paper.no.text.jpg Title:La Poule au Pot- Lí Artiste Size:9.5 x 13 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.5.5x9.25img.11x14paper.jpg Title:La Poule au Pot- Lí Artiste Size:11 x 14 in /  cm Code:1air/Airline.Air.France.Roger.Lezombes.24x39.1980.reffinement.300.jpg Title:Air France Reffinement  (SOLD) Size:24 x 39 in./  x  cm Description:SOLD Code:1holidayvalentine/rivoire.74x122.3,500.JPG Title:Riviore and Carret Size:74 x 122  in / x 120  cm Retail:3500 Code:1h/franco.american.soups.jpg Title:Franco - American Soups (not available at this time)  (SOLD) Size: in / cm Description:SOLD Code:1cyc/Cycles.Diplome.22x17.$300.JPG Title:Diplome Size:22 x 17 in. / 56 x 43 cm Retail:300 Description:crowd, child, kids, picnic, wine, champagne, celebration, celebrate, race, winner, hill, field, man, woman, certificae, diploma, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, green, blue, red, yellow, white, French, turn of the century Code:147x63/Europe.Dog.47x68.$450.jpg Title:Vivez en Europe1 Size:47 x 68 in. / 120 x 172.7 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster, Europe, dog, terrier, Airedale, WireFox, Welsh, groceries , shopping cart, baby, child, bottle, mother, mom, radio, music, magazine, peach, red, blue, yellow, 47x63  Code:147x63/Food.Codec.49x63.$250.jpg Title:Codec Size:49 x 63 in. / 124.4 x 160 cm Retail:250 Description:vintage poster, shopping cart, groceries, super market, choice, quality, price, meat, fruit, pinapple, vegetables, 47x63, linen backed Code:147x63/Food.Galactina.Michel.39x60.$2,800.jpg Title:Galactina Size:39 x 60 in. / 99 x 152.5 cm Retail:2800 Description:vintage poster, baby, porridge, farina, Alpes, field, lactose, dairy, cows, mountains, landscape, butterflies, daisies, flowers, yellow, green, red, grey, gray, brown, blue, white, 47x63, linen backed Code:147x63/Food.Monnier.Henri.Georges.Bisson.1937.39x59.$600.jpg Title:Camembert Georges Bisson Size:39 x 59 in. / 99 x 152.5 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster, cheese, dairy, kitchen, dining room, top hat, mad hatter, knife, wedge, smoothe, yellow, black, red, grey, gray, blue, white, art deco, 47x63, linen backed Code:147x63/Food.olida.46x63.$650.jpg Title:Olida Size:46 x 63 in. / 117 x 160 cm Retail:650 Description:vintage poster, ham, meat, cutter, delicatessen, deli, slices, slice, slicing, kitchen, dining room, butcher, art deco, 47x63, linen backed Code:147x63/Food.Lemasn.Maude.45x61.$1,400.jpg Title:Cí Est la Revolution, SUAVITOS Size:45 x 61 in. / 114.3 x 155 cm Retail:1400 Description:vintage poster, cooking, kitchen, seasoning, flavor, aroma, aromatic, Marie, orange, black, Paris, French, 47x63, art deco, linen backed Code:1h/FR.CAPP.LOie.DOr.63x47.JPG Title:L'Oie D'Or (La Reine des Cremes de Foie Gras) Size:63 x 47 in. / 160 x 120 cm Code:1art/38x54.5FR25000laitpur.jpg Title:Lait Pur Sterilise Size:38 x 54.5 in / 96.52 x 138.43 cm Description:food drink animals children artist, vintage poster, milk, little girl, cats, chair, dress,  red yellow black brown white Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR950pl232.jpg Title:Kassama Corn Flour  - Pl. 232 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de líaffiche, Chaix, food,  corn flour, Beggerstaff, yellow, black, brown Code:FRpd107CAPPbiscotinesunion1906.JPG Title:Biscotins Union Size:39 x 55 in / 139.5 x 198 cm Description:Cookie biscut union red hair fair world charactiture Code:1drinkfood/Food.Children.Nestle.77x39.5.jpg Title:Nestle Size:77 x 39.5 in /  cm Code:1drinkfood/45x61FR1600salvy.jpg Title:Salvy Size:45 x 61 in / 114.3 x 154.9 cm Retail:1600 Description:food drink vintage poster children, three babies, infants in a nest, blue green red yellow Code:1drinkfood/46x62FR850levegetaline.jpg Title:La Vegetaline  (SOLD) Size:46 x 62 in / 116.8 x 157.5 cm Description:SOLD; vegetable-based butter being sliced into pan, steam rising, orange blue red black white Code:1drinkfood/49x76FR1800belpaese.jpg Title:Bel Paese Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:1800 Description:food, large, vintage poster, cheese wheel, map Italy, knife, portrait, king of cheese S.A.E. Galbani,  green cream red brown yellow black white Code:FRpd064CAPPbaudin1933.JPG Title:Baudin Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Description:blue, cook over stove, smoke, vintage, 47x63 Code:139x55/Rita.d1933.Dupin.39x55.900.JPG Title:Rita Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:900 Code:147x63/Loterie.Paques.Fore.1961.45x61.$600.jpg Title:Loterie Nationale Paques Size:45 x 61 in. / 114.3 x 155 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster, egges, Easter, holiday, orange, green, yellow, white, black, lottery, 47x63, linen backed Code:1drinkfood/47x63FR450amgraffiti.jpg Title:American Grafitti Size: in /  cm Description:vintage poster, film, food, sports, cinema, diner, 1950ís, movie, American, orange, white, black Code:1art/Elles.Toulouse-Lautrec.Bibliotheque.Nationale.20.75x15.5.3.JPG Title:Elles par Toulouse-Lautrec, breakfast in bed, #3
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