Code:147x63/Entertainment.Metropolitan.1895.Royal.Rogue.40x80.$850.jpg Title:Jefferson De Angelis and Company in A Royal Rogue Size:40 x 80 in. / 101.6 x 203.2 cm Retail:850 Description:vintage poster, musical, comedy, theater, theatre, brown, yellow, red, blue, off white, narrow, book by Charles Klein; music by W. T. Francis; linen backed on old linen trimmed to the edge of the poster Code:1holidayvalentine/film.39x55sempre.IT.jpg Title:Sempre nel Mio Cuore (Always in My Heart) Size:39 x 55  in /  x  cm Code:1art/47x63FR1200f.bernard.arts.menagers.jpg Title:Arts Menagers Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, artist, animals, exposition, exhibition, snail, red blue yellow orange black
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