Code:63x47FR700urgo.JPG Title:Urgo Size:63 x 47 in / 160 x 120 cm Retail:700 Description:green blue red white pink dove little girl tissue box vintage poster horizontal product Code:63x48FR900lematin.JPG Title:Le Matin- Le Fils de Pardaillan Size:63 x 48 in / 160  x 147.3 cm Retail:900 Description:vintage poster horizontal publications hero sword rescuing girl from bad man tied up blue green orange purple yellow Code:31.5x47FR600fmc.JPG Title:FMC Aiglon Size:31.5 x 47 in /  80 x 120 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster auto cycles man and woman on motos waving hello, goodbye, girl in the background green red blue yellow Code:1animals/21x29FRemmenez.jpg Title:Emmenez vas Enfants au Zoo Size:21 x 29 in / 53.5 x 73.5 cm Retail:600 Description:children, animals, vintage poster, giraffe, girl, zoo, orange, blue, grey, black Code:1auto/45x61FRfavorlipstick.jpg Title:Favor (lipstick) Size:45 x 61 in / 114.3  x 154.9 cm Description:vintage poster auto cycles artist Bellenger yellow red girl putting on lipstick while riding motor bike, bikes Code:1large/OLlustucru.jpg Title:nids Lustucru Size: x in /  x 160  cm Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, food, animals, children, pasta, noodles, child, girl, birds, green, orange, red, blue, yellow, white Code:1lbtt/24.25x39.25FR450nm.jpg Title:Cie. Navigation Mixte Size:24.25 x 39.25 in /  cm Retail:450 Code:147x63/Entertainment.Paris.Line.Brenot.47x62.5.$900.jpg Title:Paris Line Size:47 x 63 in. / 120 x 160 cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster, Casino de Paris, Line Renaud, pink, blue, sexy, sparkle, show girl, woman, Eiffel Tower, gloves, white, 47x63  Code:1art/38x54.5FR25000laitpur.jpg Title:Lait Pur Sterilise Size:38 x 54.5 in / 96.52 x 138.43 cm Description:food drink animals children artist, vintage poster, milk, little girl, cats, chair, dress,  red yellow black brown white
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