Code:ESmc247ANONjulianellyguill0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- La Guillotina Size:10 x 13.5 in / 25.5 x 34.3  cm Description:magician as devil performing guillotine trick severed head white blue red Code:USmc247ANONjulianelly0000.JPG Title:Julianelly Size:29 x 45.5 in / 73.5 x 115.5  cm Retail:300 Description:devil directing magician white yellow red Code:USmc247ANONjulianellytemplo0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- el Templo de las Sorpresas (the temple of the surprises) Size:24.5 x 18 in / 62.2 x 45.7  cm Description:magician performing dangerous tricks giullotine and human press hooded characters white blue Code:ESmc247ANONjulianellymilagros0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- el Maestro de los milagros- una esclava perforada (the master of miracles) Size:13 x 27.5 in / 33 x 70  cm Description:assistant shot through with a bullet, cannonball at close range target sepia white
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