Code:61x45FR700philipsfamily.JPG Title:Philips family Size:61 x 45 in / 155  x 114.3 cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster horizontal beige blue brown family pulling  television from box Code:22.75x30.5FR475peugot.JPG Title:Peugeot Size:22.75 x 30.5 in /  58 x 78 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster auto cycles M. Martineau, athletic youth from Lyon on motorcycle b&w cream poster shows route that M. took to cross the desert Code:1travel/25.5x40SWmeiringen.jpg Title:Brienz Meiringen Haslital  (SOLD) Size:25.5 x 40 in /  cm Code:1war/20x30ENauxiliaryfire.jpg Title:Join Your Local Auxiliary Fire Service Size:20 x 30 in /  50.8 x 76.2 cm Description:vintage posters, war, fire man, red, work ethic Code:1large/123x72FR4000siberie.jpg Title:Le Rapide de Siberie Size:123 x 72  in / 315 x  cm Retail:4000 Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, trains, film, blue, red, yellow, speeding train, oversized Code:1sports/39x55IT1200roma.jpg Title:ROMA- VII Campionato del Mondo Size:39 x 55 in / 99 x  cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, sports, rifle, shooting, tournament, world, international, art deco, red, yellow, green, black, grey, blue Code:1war/20x30EN450constabulary.jpg Title:You Can Be Certain- You Can Be Ready- Join Your Local SPECIAL CONSTABULARY Size:20 x 30 in / 50.8 x 76.2 cm Retail:450 Code:1entertainment/24x62FR700blonwels.jpg Title:Blonwel’s Size:24 x 62 in / cm Retail:700 Description:vintage poster, theater, entertainment, comedy, comedian, watch, time piece, red, black, white, miniature woman Code:1cyrk/27x38.5cyrk19.jpg Title:CYRK acrobats Size:27 x 38.5 in. / 68.5 x 98  cm Code:1air/Airline.24x16.5.KLM.150.JPG Title:K.L.M Douglas DC 4 (The Flying Dutchman) Size:24 x 16.5 in./  x  cm Retail:150 Code:1ru/26.5x38q2RU250.JPG Title:M N P (Lenin profile) Size:26.5 x 38 in / x  cm Retail:250 Code:147x63/collin.m.24x62.$700.jpg Title:Blonwel’s Size:24 x 62 in. / 61 x 157.5 cm Retail:700 Description:clock, pocket watch, time piece, narrow, red, black, white, 47x63  Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.anchor.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar Junel 1937 Size: in /  cm Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.angel.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar April 1938 Size: in /  cm Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.glove.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar April 1939 Size: in /  cm Code:USwe157UNKNpfvbuddy4200.JPG Title:PFV You make’m buddy Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:blonde haired soldier wearing helmet, war Code:1war/15.5x23.5FR175espion.jpg Title:Taisez vous... L’Allemand a fui L’Espion Reste!  (SOLD) Size:15.5 x 23.5 in /   cm Description:SOLD Code:48x66FR5500dubonnet.JPG Title:Dubonnet Size:48 x 66 in / 122  x 167.6 cm Description:vintage poster drink artist Cassandre grey brown yellow character pouring drink chair table art deco Code:1charts/charts.automobile.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 16. The Automobile Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:parts, scientific, science, fluid Code:1charts/charts.transportation2.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 29. Transportation Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:magnets, weather patterns, compass,   scientific, science, navigation Code:1charts/charts.machines.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 8. Machines Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:tools, wrenches, pliers, puliies, pully system, axe, wheels, ramps, jacks, lifting, pushing, scissors, practical, cutting,  scientific, science, chopping  Code:1charts/charts.heat.engines.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 15. Heat Engines Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:engines, heat, energy, steam, turbine, carburetors,  scientific, science, gasoline, diesel Code:1charts/charts.heat.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 12. Heat Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:heat, energy, thermometers, conduction,  convection, radiation, fireplace,  gases, expansions, solids, Charle’s Law, pressure, absorption, thermostats, evaporation,  scientific, science, cooker Code:1charts/charts.fuels.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 11. Fuels Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:heat, energy, candles, lamps, matches, distillation, oxygen,  scientific, science, coal Code:1charts/$300.jpg Title:Chart 7. Energy, Force, Work and Power Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:energy, force, work, power, potential, kinetic, scientific, science, friction, efficiency, water, climbing stairs Code:1charts/charts.light.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 26. Light Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:light, reflection, refraction, inverse, lenses, foot-candle meter, periscope, mirrors, telescope, scientific, science Code:1charts/charts.air.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 2. Air Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:scientific, science, oceanic, space, pumps, thermometers, weights, pressure, mercury, Boyle’s Law, cartesian diver, caisson, composition, fumes, siphon Code:1charts/charts.oxygen.hydrogen.29.5x42.1955.$300.jpg Title:Chart 9. Oxygen and Hydrgen Size:29.5 x 42 in / 75 x 108 cm Retail:300 Description:scientific, science, oxygen, hydrogen, chemical, combustion, air, heat, temperature, water, vapor, air, flame, fire Code:1travel/England.25x39.5.d1962.jpg Title:R.M.S. Transvaal Castle  (SOLD) Size:25 x 39.5 in / 61 x 100.3  cm Description:SOLD Code:1sports/sports.boxing.11.5x16.$200.JPG Title:Tampereen Jaahallissa Size:11.5 x 16 in. / 29 x 40.5 cm Retail:200 Description:boxing card, announcement, boxers, Ray Patterson, Raimo Nisula, Taisto M. Maki, Purtsi Purhonen, Macan Keita, Lion Ven, Detlef Naseband, Fredo  Code:1cyrk/27x38.5cyrk8.jpg Title:Chlopiec Z Gutaperki Size:34.25 x 23 in. / x 120 cm Code:CUcu242BACHcapitan1972.JPG Title:Capitan Korda  (SOLD) Size:20 x 30 in / 50.8 x 76.2 cm Description:SOLD; pink green yellow blue, captain in boat, ship, flag Code:1filmit/15x20.25FR125bondspia.jpg Title:James Bond, 007- L’Espion Qui M’Aimait  (SOLD) Size:15 x 20.25 inches / 38.1 x 51.4  cm Description:Sold Code:1cyrk/27x38.5cyrk5.jpg Title:CYRK bird riding elephant creature Size:38.5 x 27 in. / 98 x 68.5 cm
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