Code:1fortune/fortune.december.69x2.jpg Title:Fortune December 1969 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.february70.jpg Title:Fortune February 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.may70.jpg Title:Fortune May 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.june70.jpg Title:Fortune June 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.july70.jpg Title:Fortune July 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.august70x2.jpg Title:Fortune August 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.october70x2.jpg Title:Fortune October 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.november70x4.jpg Title:Fortune November 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.december70x5.jpg Title:Fortune December 1970 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.january71x5.jpg Title:Fortune January 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.february71x4.jpg Title:Fortune February 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.march71x2.jpg Title:Fortune March 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.april71x4.jpg Title:Fortune April 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.may71.jpg Title:Fortune May 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.june71x3.jpg Title:Fortune June 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.july71x4.jpg Title:Fortune July 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.august71x2.jpg Title:Fortune August 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.september71x3.jpg Title:Fortune September 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.october71x2.jpg Title:Fortune October 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.november71x2.jpg Title:Fortune November 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.december71x2.jpg Title:Fortune December 1971 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.january72x3.jpg Title:Fortune January 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.february72x2.jpg Title:Fortune February 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.march72x2.jpg Title:Fortune March 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.april72x5.jpg Title:Fortune April 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.may72x5.jpg Title:Fortune May 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.june72x3.jpg Title:Fortune June 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.july72x2.jpg Title:Fortune July 1972 Retail:30 Code:1fortune/fortune.august72x3.jpg Title:Fortune August 1972 Retail:30 Code:147x63/Europe.Dog.47x68.$450.jpg Title:Vivez en Europe1 Size:47 x 68 in. / 120 x 172.7 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster, Europe, dog, terrier, Airedale, WireFox, Welsh, groceries , shopping cart, baby, child, bottle, mother, mom, radio, music, magazine, peach, red, blue, yellow, 47x63  Code:139x55/IT.Ventanni.39x55.475.JPG Title:Facis Ventanni, La Moda Dei Giovani Size:39 x 55 in. / 99 x 139.7 cm Retail:475 Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl16.jpg Title:Harper’s  - Pl. 16 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, publication, magazine, Beggerstaff, guard, black, red, ochre Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR325pl132.jpg Title:Lippincott’s August - Pl. 132  (SOLD) Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:SOLD; Chaix, cigarette, tennis attire, flowers, red, blue, yellow, white Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.anchor.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar Junel 1937 Size: in /  cm Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.angel.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar April 1938 Size: in /  cm Code:1art/harpers.bazaar.10x13.Cassandre.glove.JPG Title:Harper’s Bazaar April 1939 Size: in /  cm Code:USwe103VBWEiutaouautomobiles4725.JPG Title:IUTAOU Yesterday’s automobiles cost 5,000 Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:reprint from May 5, 1906 Collier’s magazine advertisement for columbia automobiles, car, auto Code:USse016HXXXsepsportsman1948.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- Sportsman’s Tour of Missouri, 1948 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:pheasant hanging on wall next to rifle, animals, sports, hunting, bird, fowl Code:USwe209UNKNwchuwgconference4902.JPG Title:WCHUWG The conference is about you Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:family, father reading to wife, son and daughter from magazine, The Progressive Farmer in living room that has green wall, sheer white  curtains, blue ribbon  on frame Code:USse219JFCLsepjultwofive1953.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- July 25, 1953 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:children petting elephants behind bars at zoo, animals Code:USse052AMSEsepjultwoeight1956.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- July 28, 1956 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:land surveyer, cows, animals Code:USse222DSARsepmayeleven1957.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- May 11, 1957 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:child wearing raincoat and mud, mother’s day card, dog Code:USse060HUGHsepaprthirty1960.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- April 30, 1960 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:animlas, crowd, dog and puppies in window, man passing dog
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