Title:The Mysterious Trunk Code:USmc247ANONdrzomb0000.JPG Title:Dr. Zomb is Watching You Size:14 x 19.5 in / 36 x 49.5  cm Retail:125 Description:cyclops wearing turban, white, yellow text Code:FRmc247ANONmaina0000.JPG Title:Maina la Voyante Size:23 x 31.5 in / 58.5 x 80 cm Retail:350 Description:woman medium Code:ESmc247ANONprofalba0000.JPG Title:Professor Alba Size:20 x 28 in / 51 x 71  cm Retail:250 Description:magician portrait blue orange Code:FRmc247ANONprochainement0000.JPG Title:Venez voir Prochainement Size:24.5 x 16.5 in / 62.2 x 42  cm Retail:225 Description:magician porforming various tricks, devil, blue orange pink Code:ESmc247ANONharakiri0000.JPG Title:Chang and Fak-Hong’s Hara-Kiri Size:17 x 25.5 in / 43 x 64.7  cm Retail:250 Description:magician magic vessel devils yellow orange blue green Code:USmc247ANONirving0000.JPG Title:Irving the Magician Size:14 x 42 in / 35.5 x 106.7  cm Retail:225 Description:magician with oriental characters performing tricks white blue red Code:ESmc247ANONjulianellyguill0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- La Guillotina Size:10 x 13.5 in / 25.5 x 34.3  cm Description:magician as devil performing guillotine trick severed head white blue red Code:USmc247ANONgalleryplayers0000.JPG Title:Gallery Players  (SOLD) Size:9 x 13.5 in / 23 x 34.3  cm Description:SOLD; devil performing with various performers around him red yellow Code:FRmc247ANONfakhongs0000.JPG Title:Fak Hongs, the Size:55 x 77 in / 140 x 195.5  cm Retail:1200 Description:devils wizards magic cauldrens performers red yellow black Code:FRmc247ANONacarellb0000.JPG Title:A. Carel Size:24 x 31 in / 61 x 78.7  cm Retail:450 Description:ventriloquist conversing with severed head tuxedo cream sepia red Code:ESmc247ANONmagiaoriental0000.JPG Title:Ya-lipu, Magia Oriental  Size:17 x 24 in / 43 x 61  cm Retail:200 Description:samurai with sword butterflies ribbon purple yellow red black white Code:FRmc247ANONkarmah0000.JPG Title:Karmah Description:magician wearing turban yellow red black white Code:USmc247ANONmagicshow0000.JPG Title:Magic Show, the- a new musical Size:29 x 45.5 in / 73.5 x 115.5  cm Retail:300 Description:magician top hat heart tiger eye court theater green purple yellow red Code:USmc247ANONjulianelly0000.JPG Title:Julianelly Size:29 x 45.5 in / 73.5 x 115.5  cm Retail:300 Description:devil directing magician white yellow red Code:FRmc247HARFmainajuan0000.JPG Title:Maina Juan Size:23.5 x 32 in / 59.5 x 81.2  cm Description:female medium zodiac signs white yellow red cream Code:USmc247ANONstockposter0000.JPG Title:stock magician poster Size:20 x 30 in / 51 x 76  cm Description:group of people surrounding seated magician holding dolls white yellow red cream Code:USmc247ANONjulianellytemplo0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- el Templo de las Sorpresas (the temple of the surprises) Size:24.5 x 18 in / 62.2 x 45.7  cm Description:magician performing dangerous tricks giullotine and human press hooded characters white blue Code:ESmc247ANONfakhongsbhuda0000.JPG Title:Chang and Fak-Hong’s- the Bhuda Size:17 x 27.5 in / 43 x 70  cm Retail:250 Description:magician performing trick with serpent white blue green red yellow Code:ESmc247ANONfakhongsjapanese0000.JPG Title:Chang and Fak-Hong’s- Japanese Review Size:17 x 27.5 in / 43 x 70  cm Retail:250 Description:devil and magician birds white blue green red yellow Code:ESmc247ANONfakhongsoriental0000.JPG Title:Chang and Fak-Hong’s- Oriental Review Size:17 x 27.5 in / 43 x 70  cm Retail:250 Description:magician rabbit geisha coming out of vase white blue green red yellow orange Code:ESmc247ANONjulianellymilagros0000.JPG Title:Julianelly- el Maestro de los milagros- una esclava perforada (the master of miracles) Size:13 x 27.5 in / 33 x 70  cm Description:assistant shot through with a bullet, cannonball at close range target sepia white Code:ESmc247ANONalbamuerte0000.JPG Title:Profesor Alba- el Hombre que Juega con la Muerte (the man who plays with death) Size:13 x 27.5 in / 33 x 70  cm Retail:250 Description:assistant shot through with a bullet, cannonball at close range target sepia white Code:ESmc247ANONfakhongs0000.JPG Title:Fak Hongs Size:28 x 35 in / 71 x 89  cm Description:magician rabbit cards top hat white black red Code:1savignac/47x63FR950ducretet.jpg Title:Ducretet Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:950 Code:1entertainment/24.5x36JP675highwire.jpg Title:Circus and Magic Act  (SOLD) Size:24.5x 36 in /  cm Description:SOLD Code:1exhibitsupply/12.5x18.5US125exhibitsupply(29).JPG Title:Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- Send a Slam Bang Funny Card and Start MILES of SMILES Professor Post Card the Wizard Size:12.5 x 18.5 in / 31.7 x 47 cm Retail:150 Code:1exhibitsupply/12.5x18.5US125exhibitsupply(28).JPG Title:Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- Mystify Your Friends with Magic Tricks Size:12.5 x 18.5 in / 32 x 47  cm Retail:150 Description:magician rabbit cards top hat white black red Code:1entertainment/Alexander.magic.32x47.650.JPG Title:Alexander The Man Who Knows Size:32 x 47 in./  x 120 cm Retail:650 Code:1entertainment/Alexander.magic.large.80.25x109.5.900.JPG Title:Alexander The Man Who Knows Size:80.25 x 109.5 in./  x  cm Retail:900 Code:1entertainment/Ask.Alexander.narrow.magic.42x81.900.JPG Title:Ask Alexander The Man Who Knows Size:42 x 81 in./  x  cm Retail:900 Code:1entertainment/Ask.Alexander.The.Man.Who.Knows.109x196.2,000.c.1920.JPG Title:Ask Alexander The Man Who Knows Size:109 x 196 in./  x  cm Retail:2000 Code:1entertainment/Virgil.magic.horizontal.59x78.5.JPG Title:Virgil- Gigantic Stage Spectacle Size:78 x 59 in./  x  cm Code:1entertainment/Virgil.narrow.40x88.JPG Title:Virgil- Magicana Size:40 x 88 in./  x  cm Code:1entertainment/Fak.Hongs.55x77.1,200.JPG Title:The Fak Hongs Size:40 x 88 in./  x  cm Code:1shtmsc/amour.magicien.l.JPG Title:L’ Amour Magicien Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:147x63/Magic.Litho.H.A.Dupuis.43.5x57.$500.jpg Title:Le Professeur Bixlerix Size:43.5 x 57 in. / 110.5 x 145 cm Retail:500 Description:vintage poster, brown, sepia, monochrome, cream, monocle, eyepiece, 47x63, linen backed on old linen, printed on two sheets, trimmed to edge of poster Code:USmc247ANONfriedlanderstock0000.JPG Title:stock magician poster Retail:150 Description:devil presenting cards of various images of magic tricks yellow red Code:USmc247ANONfriedlanderstockh0000.JPG Title:stock magician poster- Friedlander  (SOLD) Description:SOLD; devil presenting cards of various images of magic tricks yellow red blue Code:USse222ALAJsepmayten1947.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- May 10 Ma Bell’s House of Magic, 1947 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:woman window shopping, mother’s day sign, ironing board and other household appliances Code:CUcu241BACHelmago1972.JPG Title:Elmago chili chala  (SOLD) Size:20 x 30 in / 50.8 x 76.2 cm Description:SOLD; boy horse wan dog stars magician
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