Code:33x62FR675oranginant.JPG Title:orangina (no text) Size:33 x 62 in / 83.8  x 157.5 cm Retail:675 Description:Razzia artist drink music entertainment orange red green blue yellow  hand holding maracas guitar man Code:1game/27x64FR750harpist.JPG Title:woman harpist #154, tooth missing, Weissenburg Size:27 x 64 in Retail:750 Description:woman playing harp music, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/27x64FR750lute.JPG Title:male lute player #153, Weissenburg Size:27 x 64 in / Retail:750 Description:male lute player, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/26.5x65FR950sailoraccordian.JPG Title:sailor accordian #184, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 65 Retail:950 Description:sailor accorian , vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/26.5x64.5FR550flute.JPG Title:man playing wind instrument, green hat #29, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 64.5 in / Retail:550 Description:man playing flute, green hat, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/26.5x65FR950guitar.JPG Title:black man playing guitar, Weissenburg  (SOLD) Size:26.5 x 65 in / Retail:800 Description:SOLD- black man playing guitar top hat blue jacket yellow and orange checkered pants, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/27x64FR800trombone.JPG Title:trombone, Weissenburg Size:27 x 64 in / Retail:800 Description:man playing trombone blue jacket yellow striped pants, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1game/26.5x65.5FR900fiddler.JPG Title:fiddler, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 65.5 in / Retail:900 Description:fiddler, pink striped pants, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:59x45US200whn1050elvis.JPG Title:WHN1050 (Elvis) Gives You Music You Wanna Hear  (SOLD) Size:59 x 45 in / 150 x 114.5 cm Description:SOLD; vintage poster horizontal music Ne York radio station, older image of Elvis, black white Code:1entertainment/30x47FR475annyflore.jpg Title:Anny Flore Size:30 x 47 in / 76 x 120 cm Retail:475 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, music, portrait of singer, Disques Pathe, blue, yellow, orange, red, white Code:1black/27X41US450comeoncowboy.jpg Title:Come On Cowboy Size:27 x 41 inches /   cm Retail:450 Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl151.jpg Title:Eugene Buffet La Chanteuse Populaire- Pl. 151 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, music, publication, theater, theatre, Eugene Buffet La Chanteuse Populaire, red, green, yellow, blue, newspaper Code:1children/24.25x18.25CZ100honor.jpg Title:HONOR SHOCK-WORKERS, Heroes of Labor Size:24.25 x 18.25 in /  x  cm Retail:100 Code:1black/27x39PO600hendrix2.jpg Title:Jimi Hendrix Size:27 x 39 inches /   cm Retail:600 Code:1children/27.75x10.75FR300auvergne.jpg Title:L’Auvergne Size:27.75 x 10.75 in /  x  cm Retail:300 Code:1black/27x41US450messup.jpg Title:Mantan Mess Up Size:27.25 x 40.25 inches /   cm Retail:450 Code:1film/27x41US750musicmanhattan.jpg Title:Music in Manhattan Size:27 x 41 inches /  68.5 x 99 cm Retail:750 Description:film, cinema, movies, New York, NYC, Manhattan, travel, music Code:1black/27X41US450houserentparty.jpg Title:Pigmeat Alamo Markham, House-Rent Party  Size:27.25 x 40.25 inches /   cm Retail:450 Code:1black/27x41USpillowpost.jpg Title:Pillow to Post Size:27.25 x 40.25 inches /   cm Code:1black/27x41US600porgynbess.jpg Title:Porgy and Bess Size:27.25 x 40.25 inches /   cm Retail:600 Code:1entertainment/16x23.5FR400revue.jpg Title:Revue des Quat’saisons par Louis Morin Size:16 x 23.5 in / 41 x 60 cm Retail:400 Description:vintage poster, book, entertainment, magazine, music, publication, various characters of the arts, green, red, purple, grey brown, pink Code:1h/.jpg Title:Ribet-Desjardins Size:61 x 45 in / 154.9  x 111.3 cm Description:vintage poster horizontal product music entertainment lyre, bird, between radio and television, green orange blue black Code:1black/27.25x40.25US125wiz.jpg Title:The Wiz Size:27.25 x 40.25 inches /   cm Retail:125 Code:1large/120x94FR1200veuveamiot.jpg Title:Veuve Amiot Size:120 x 94 in /  x  cm Retail:1200 Description:vintage poster, horizontal, large, drink, music, entertainment, plants, red, yellow, white, green, roses, sheet music, champagne, brut, wine, vin, vins Code:1savignac/25x38.5FR650mbaquet.jpg Title:Maurice Baquet Size:25 x 38.5 in /   x  cm Retail:650 Code:1filmit/39x55IT650caldomonroe.jpg Title:A Qualcuno Piace Caldo (Some Like It Hot) Size:39 x 55 inches /  98 x 138.4 cm Retail:650 Code:1sports/24x36USjayhawks.jpg Title:The JAYHAWK’S summer surf party Size:24x 36 in / 61 x91.5 cm Code:1exhibitsupply/12.5x18.5US125exhibitsupply(14).JPG Title:Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- Get aLoad of These Army Frolics Size:12.5 x 18.5 in / 31.7 x 47 cm Retail:150 Code:1exhibitsupply/12.5x18.5US125exhibitsupply(6).JPG Title:Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- PEP SONGS Size:12.5 x 18.5 in / 31.7 x 47 cm Retail:150 Code:1pl/PLF129x2.jpg Title:LAUTARZY Size:23 x 34 in / 58.5  x 86.3 cm Code:1pl/PLF40.jpg Title:MOZART Size:34 x 23 in /  86.3  x  58.5 cm Code:1entertainment/47x63FRgala.jpg Title:Gala des Courses au Cirque D’Hiver Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Description:vintage poster, theater, entertainment, circus, winter, music, posters, musical instrument, guitar, clown Code:1game/26.5x64FR900spaniard.jpg Title:Mandolin, Weissenburg Size:26.5 x 64 in / 67.3 x 165 cm Retail:900 Description:, vintage posters, 47x63 Code:1music/psychedelic.poster.display.jpg Title:selection of Psychedlic poster display Code:1product/Disque.Bleu.angel.39.25x57.jpg Title:Disque Bleu (angel) Size:38.25 x 57 in / cm Retail:900 Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.Joyeuse.Marche.11x14.jpg Title:Joyeuse Marche (sheet music) Size:11 x 14 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.Les.Virtuoses.11x14.jpg Title:Les Virtuoses (sheet music) Size:11 x 14 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.musician.9x12.jpg Title:musician Size:9 x 12 in /  cm Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.Camille.Stefani.10.25x12.5.LB.jpg Title:Camille Stefani Size:10.25 x 12 in /  cm Code:1air/Airline.Air.France.Roger.Lezombes.24x39.1980.joie.300.jpg Title:Air France Joie ... Festival de la Vie Size:24 x 39 in./  x  cm Retail:300 Code:147x63/Liane.Marant.47x63.LB.600.a.Gaston.Girbal.jpg Title:Liane Merant Size:47 x 63 in / 120 x 160 cm Retail:600 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, music, singer, chansonniere, portrait, Liane Merant, artist, Gaston Girbal, 1920’s, art deco, 47x63 Code:1holidayvalentine/theater.dola.chanson.30x47.5.400.JPG Title:Chanson D’ Amour - La Maison des Trios Jeunes Filles Size:30 x 47.5 in / x 120 cm Retail:400 Code:1holidayvalentine/theater.timbale.22x30.475.JPG Title:La Timbale D’ Argent Size:22 x 30 in / x  cm Retail:475 Code:1holidayvalentine/apollo.36x50.2,200.JPG Title:Apollo - Hubert Marischka Size:37 x 49.25 in /  x  cm Retail:2200 Code:1product/ Title:Apple, iPod Size:48 x 72 in / cm Code:1shtmsc/a.1000.kisses.JPG Title:a 1000 Kisses (1000 baisers) Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/aimez-moi.ce.soir.JPG Title:Aimez-moi , Ce Soir Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/ Title:Aint We Got Fun Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/amou.lamour.l.JPG Title:L’ Amour L’ Amour Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/amour.magicien.l.JPG Title:L’ Amour Magicien Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/bouche.ta.JPG Title:Ta Bouche Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/captain.cupid.JPG Title:Captain Cupid Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/chaumier.un.coeur.un.JPG Title:Une Chaumiere Un Coeur Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/ Title:Cherie je t’ Aime Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/abat-jour.les.JPG Title:Les Abat Jour Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1nyc/WNEW.PeggyLee.21x22.$300.cardbord.JPG Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Peggy Lee) Size:21 x 22 in. / 53.3 x 56 cm Retail:300 Code:1nyc/WNEW.LouisArmstrong.21x22.$300.cardbord.JPG Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Louis Armstrong) Size:21 x 22 in. / 53.3 x 56 cm Retail:300 Code:1nyc/WNEW.EllaFitzgerald.29.5x45.$400.jpg Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Ella Fitzgerald) Size:29.5 x 45 in. / 75 x 114.3 cm Retail:400 Code:1nyc/WNEW.PeggyLee.29.5x45.$400.JPG Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Peggy Lee) Size:29.5 x 45 in. / 75 x 114.3 cm Retail:400 Code:1nyc/WNEW.FrankSinatra.29.5x45.$450.jpg Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Frank Sinatra) Size:29.5 x 45 in. / 75 x 114.3 cm Retail:450 Code:1nyc/WNEW.MelTorme.29.5x45.$400.JPG Title:WNEW AM 1130 (Mel Torme) Size:29.5 x 45 in. / 75 x 114.3 cm Retail:400 Code:1ru/FRHentertainment.39x29.JPG Size:39 x 29 in / x  cm Code:1ru/FRHmusic.22x11.JPG Size:22 x 11 in / x  cm Code:1ru/FRHmusic.40.5x26.25.JPG Size:40.5 x 26.25 in / x  cm Code:1cyc/Cycles.Braga.Sisters.24x32.5.$550.JPG Title:Braga Sisters Size:24 x 32.5 in. / 61 x 82.5 cm Retail:550 Description:entertainers, instruments, accordions, trumpets, singers, songs, horns, musical notes, staff, birds, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, green, blue, red, yellow, white, turn of the century Code:1cyc/Cycles.France.chantante.26x34.$400.jpg Title:La France Chantante Size:26 x 34 in. / 66 x 86.3 cm Retail:400 Description:songs, music, concert,  motorcycles, motorcycle, auto, vehicle, car, bicycles, bicycle, cycles, cycle, cyclists, bikes, bike, Paris, French Code:147x63/Drink.PamPam.45x61.$800.jpg Title:Pam Pam Size:45 x 61 in. / 114 x 155 cm Retail:800 Description:juice, orange, citrus, fruit, drum, child, boy, brown, black, green, yellow, pamplemousse, grapefruit, ananas, bananas, tomate, tomato, abricot, apricot, 47x63  Code:147x63/Europe.Dog.47x68.$450.jpg Title:Vivez en Europe1 Size:47 x 68 in. / 120 x 172.7 cm Retail:450 Description:vintage poster, Europe, dog, terrier, Airedale, WireFox, Welsh, groceries , shopping cart, baby, child, bottle, mother, mom, radio, music, magazine, peach, red, blue, yellow, 47x63  Code:147x63/Gruau.Lido.Paris.46x65.jpg Title:C’ Est Magique - Lido de Paris Size:46 x 65 in. / 117 x 165 cm Description:vintage poster, French, blue, yellow, orange, white, entertainer, sexy, music, dance, woman, 47x63, linen backed Code:147x63/Entertainment.Dufleuve.Levi.Ch.24x61.$850.jpg Title:Dufleuve Size:24 x 61 in. / 61 x 155 cm Retail:850 Description:vintage poster, male performer, theater, theatre, blue, yellow, white, green, narrow, Paris, French; 47x63, linen backed  Code:1sports/winter.Ski.Party.27x41.$400.jpg Title:Ski Party Size:27 x 41 in / 68.5 x 104 cm Retail:400 Description:winter, ski, snow, mountains, slopes, musical, dance, dancing, singers, rock n roll Code:1sports/winter.Ski.22x28.$400.jpg Title:Wild Wild Winter Size:28 x 22 in / 47 x 64.7 cm Retail:400 Description:winter, ski, snow, mountains, slopes, United States, linen backed, rock n roll, teenage, teen, Jay and the Americans, Beau Brummels, Dick and Dee Dee, The Astronauts, Jackie and Gayle, half sheet Code:1filmit/39x55IT450bondforza.JPG Title:007 1/2 Agente per Forza Contro gli Assassini dello Ye Ye Size:39 x 55 inches /  99 x 139  cm Retail:450 Description:James Bond, 007, spy, thriller, action, explosives, drama, sexy Code:139x55/ Title:Folies Bergere (orange feathers - frontal) Size:39 x 58.5 in. / 99 x 148.5 cm Retail:475 Code:1cheret/Cheret.12.5x11.jpg Title:Mon Petit Premier Size:12.5 x 11 in /  cm Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FRpl14.jpg Title:L’Enfant Prodigue  - Pl. 14 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, entertainment, music, pantomime, Pierrot, black, grey, white, cream Code:147x63/Entertainment.Metropolitan.1895.Royal.Rogue.40x80.$850.jpg Title:Jefferson De Angelis and Company in A Royal Rogue Size:40 x 80 in. / 101.6 x 203.2 cm Retail:850 Description:vintage poster, musical, comedy, theater, theatre, brown, yellow, red, blue, off white, narrow, book by Charles Klein; music by W. T. Francis; linen backed on old linen trimmed to the edge of the poster Code:147x63/Faria.Paulus.36x78.$1,400.jpg Title:Paulus Size:36 x 78 in. / 91.5 x 198 cm Retail:1400 Description:vintage poster, musical, male performer, theater, theatre, yellow, red, blue, off white, narrow, linen backed on old linen, printed on two sheets Code:1maitres/11.25x15.5FR100pl142.jpg Title:Exposition Internationale  - Pl. 142 Size:11.25 x 15.5 in / 28.6 x 39.4 cm Retail:100 Description:vintage poster, maitres de l’affiche, Chaix, exhibition, product, entertainment, music, cherubs, lyre, rolling cart, sepia, grey,products of commerce and industry Code:1cheret/Cheret.toc.11x14.jpg Title:Espana (sheet music) Size:11 x 14 in /  cm Code:1war/19x29EN450enlist.jpg Title:Everyone Should Do His Bit, Enlist Now Size:19 x 29 in / 50.8 x 76.2 cm Retail:450 Code:1shtmsc/cherie.JPG Title:Cherie Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1shtmsc/ Title:La Corde au Cou Size:11 x 14 in / 28 x 35.5 cm Retail:40 Code:1entertainment/47x63FR800kerjean.jpg Title:Germaine Kerjean Size:47 x 63  in / cm Retail:800 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, theater, theatre, music, woman, singer Code:1product/Cigarettes.39x58.jpg Title:Cigarettes Size:39 x 58 in / cm Code:1music/47x63FR900jaimeplana.jpg Title:Jaime Plana Size:47x63 Retail:900 Description:vintage poster, entertainment, theater, man, orange music Code:1german/GR.37.25x54.25.Bruderlein.Fein.1000.JPG Title:Bruderlein fein (also known as: Bratricku muj) Size:37.25 x 54.25 in. / 94.6 x 137.8 cm Retail:1100 Code:USwe195XXXXtakflistenradio4200.JPG Title:TAKF where you can listen to your radio Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:music, four adults, two woman, two men, listening to radio, ashtray, pack of cigarettes  Code:USse218STDOsepoctoberonenine1946.JPG Title:SEP october 19 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:football game band brass instruments practice school sports music Code:USco218FXXXcoronet1947.JPG Title:Coronet October Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:family, mother, son, music, in strument, violin, concert, red Code:1rockwell/Saturday.Evening.Post.22x28.Norman.Rockwell.piano.tuner.300.jpg Title:Saturday Evening Post piano tuner Size:22 x 28 in / cm Retail:300 Code:USco222JFSXcoronet1948.JPG Title:Coronet December Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:children’s choir boyseach holding book christmas trees Code:1pl/PLF41.jpg Title:DWOJE Z WIELKIEJ RZEKI Size:34 x 23 in /  86.3  x  58.5 cm Code:USfi241UNKNstrip1951.JPG Title:Strip, The Size:27 x 41 in.  / 68.5 x 104.1 cm Retail:450 Description:blue red white yellow woman band lights mob Code:USse158HUGHsepsepttwoseven1952.JPG Title:SEP september 27 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:family moves in music instruments moving sold suburbs suburban Code:1film/Walk.East.Beacon.28x22.JPG Title:Walk East on Beacon Size:28 x 22 in. / 71 x 56 cm Retail:200 Description:six scenes from film Code:USwe103FRMCiutaousournote5300.JPG Title:IUTAOU Don’t be the guy who blows a sour note Size:38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm Retail:300 Description:two children, boyscout playing trumpet badly, baby crying, music Code:USse222MESCsepdectwosix1953.JPG Title:Saturday Evening Post- December 26, 1953 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:children’s choir, three boys, pne girl, each holding book and candle, christmas trees Code:USse180TUTZsepnovtwenty1954.JPG Title:SEP November 20 Size:22 x 28 in / 56 x 71 cm Retail:300 Description:marching band football team green field red uniforms Code:USse238AMSEsepfebtwozero1950.JPG Title:SEP February 20 Size:22x28 in/ 56x71 cm Retail:300 Description:mother son father wakeup trumpet bedroom military
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