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Ionel Talpazan

The celebration of World UFO day on the 2nd of July is made in honor of of what is known as the Roswell UFO incident of 1947. The day is celebrated to raise awareness on the undoubted existence of UFO’s and to encourage governments to declassify their files on UFO sightings. On UFO day it is customary to gather with friends and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.

On a day such as today who better to write about than possibly one of the worlds most devoted UFO believers - New York based outsider artist, Ionel Talpazan. 

Ionel’s story is as strange and compelling as it is tragic and mysterious. Born into a poor family in Romania, who at a very young age sold him into a farming family. It was in the Romanian countryside, during these impressionable years that Ionel experienced his first extraterrestrial encounter that come to color the world and the rest of his life. Ionel pursued art as a way to conceptualize his unique experiences which he captures in a bold and vibrant palette.

The paintings below are large scale renditions of spaceships whose transparent exoskeleton reveal the objects complex inner workings. Accompanying Ionel’s spaceships is a string of cursive handwritten text. The didactic and pseudoscientific text aids the diagramatic drawings and also contributes to the work in a wonderfully decorative way. 

Later, Ionel was fortunate to find an American sponsor in New York City where he continues to reside today, and now finally with US citizenship. On his business card Ionel describes himself as a visionary artist, and indeed he is. His approach can be compared to Leonardo da Vinci who made art an investigation into all things, that was not devoted entirely to the beautiful or sublime but also invention, science and technology. As an outsider artist, who is not academically trained Ionel’s artistic approach is open, flexible and absent of pretense and hierarchies. He sees the artist as an astronaut who must traverse the world for ideas.

Ionel treated his US citizenship on June 27th with joy and symbology. For Ionel the day was seen as a complete rebirthing that he honored with a new fitting name, Adrian da Vinci. 





This is just a small selection of works by Ionel Talpazan in Philip’s collection - if you are interested in seeing more contact Philip Williams at

Happy World UFO Day from The Poster Museum!