Salon de Mai

A poster from Salon de Mai who are a group of French artists that formed in the month of May in a cafe on Rue Dauphine in Paris, 1943. The group was founded during the German occupation in France in solidarity against the Nazi ideology and its condemnation of degenerate art. The founding members were Gaston Diehl and the painters, sculptors and engravers Henri George Adam, Emmanuel Auricoste, Lucien Coutaud, Robert Couturier, Jacques Despierre, Marcel Gill, Leon Gischia, Francis Gruber, Jean Le Moal, Alfred Manessier, Andre Marchand, Edouard Pignon, Gustave Singier, Claude Venard and Roger Viellard.

This poster was for The May Salon in 1960 and was designed and signed by one of its founding members Henri George Adam. 

Be sure to catch the exhibition Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937 at The Neue Galerie. Until June 30, 2014.