Raymond Savignac and the new poster

The French poster artist Raymond Savignac is known for his bold and colorful imagery. His recognizable style combines clarity and humor creating some of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the 20th Century. Savignac's expertise as an artist lies in his ability to convey an idea using the simplest expression. He defined poster art as ''the creation of a fleeting image which people will not forget.'' 

 This is evident in a campaign advertising Citroën cars where a slogan states in large bold text, Hump Ahead Of Savings. Savignac combined the font with a simple drawing of a camel and the Citroën logo fitting perfectly over its hump like a jigsaw puzzle. Another, promoting an exhibition at the Museum of Advertising depicts a man in a suit whose torso and head rollup like a poster. 

Savignac's simple evocative style make a compelling message especially today when the excesses of advertising can feel like an onslaught to the senses.  His work serves as a reminder of how subtlety and pictorial metaphor can help to generate the most complex messages. Sometimes less is more.






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