The Poster Journal

Adventures in Wonderland: Celebrating Alice's 150th

First published in 1895, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has since reigned a masterpiece of fantastic literature.  Traveling through a world of strange creatures and even stranger personalities, Alice captures the imagination of adults and children alike.  Her encounters both terrify and amaze us and Carroll's work has since been the inspiration of many artworks, movies, and literature.  

From the Hatter's nonsensical conversation, to the Cheshire cat's ever-present smile, to the Queen of Hearts' rage--and bizarre games of croquet--Carroll pulls us through the rabbit-hole and immerses our senses in a relentlessly fantastic world.  

To celebrate Alice's 150th, we have pulled together a collection of our most striking posters that capture a similar sense of wonder, fantasy, and beauty.  

Happy 150th birthday, Alice!  May your tea always be hot, your tarts delicious, and your encounters as colorful as ever.