The Poster Journal

Summer Commencement

Memorial Day is upon us, and so it marks the beginning of Summer.

The celebration of Memorial Day itself is of course reserved in the American vernacular as an extended weekend, however it marks a moment of commemoration for the fallen. Often confused with Veteran's Day, which celebrates all members of the armed forces, Memorial Day remembers all of the men and women who have fallen in war. It was originally coined after the Civil War in remembrance of those Confederate and Union soldiers who lost their lives. At the onset of the 20th century, the holiday was revised to include all of our fallen military from all wars.

Today, although most will make use of the long weekend for extended leisure, some will venture to cemeteries and memorials to further enshrine our soldiers in the longstanding American tradition. 

For those unconcerned with work and memorials on this last Monday of May, this will be a time for ice cream, the outdoors, and hopefully some much needed exposure to some vitamin D.