The Poster Journal

World UFO Day

     This 2nd day of July is World UFO Day, when people are called to look to the stars and see if they might catch a glimpse of extra terrestrial forms. This day celebrates the existence of UFO's and extra terrestrial life. Whilst most people observe the 2nd of July as the UFO Day, others prefer to observe it on June 24th, the date on which aviator Kenneth Arnold reported what is thought to be the first UFO sighting in the United States. The July observance is the day of the UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.



Aside from our regular UFO bearing sci-fi posters, we also have a large collection of UFO artwork by our favorite artist Ionel Talpazan. Originating from Romania, Mr. Talpazan's life has been the object of much curious scrutiny. Although at times plagued by unfortunate circumstances, he has thus far led an ultimately unique and extraordinary life. His work has been very much influenced by his rural upbringing, where he had his first extraterrestrial experience.



Talpazan's representations are thoroughly layered, combining a spirituality with artistic endeavor and scientific discovery. His UFO's are not merely representations of the space vehicle interior, but also through the use of color, a reflection of the functions available to alien life. Mr. Talpazan has noted on the scientific importance of his work and hopes that it may prove valuable in the future. Much of his work is accompanied by theories, including commentary on the various mechanics of the spacecraft. Often this script is included within the very works he creates, legibly cramped in the negative space around the UFO. His vehicles also suggest the possibility of some otherworldly salvation, with each carrying an imprint or memory of divinity, as mediated by Mr. Talpazan. 

Mr. Talpazan is a current resident of New York City, where he continues to create his colorful spacecraft anatomies.