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The days of relatively easy travel between continental Europe and Britain has officially ended. Many things have ended with this new referendum, but for sake of brevity and to avoid too many politics we will stick to the effects on British and European travel.

With the value of the sterling at a over 30 year low, the travel plans of many British citizens are likely to be modified in favor of vacationing in their own country. The raised cost of traveling to the continent will undoubtedly have an impact on the domestic and foreign travel industries. Britain has a 'tourism deficit,' meaning that more British citizens go abroad to vacation than travelers come to Britain for holiday. With Brexit, season-dependent travel locales like coast side resorts in Spain who rely on British travelers in the summers will take a massive economic blow. 

It is also important to consider the fact that much of the England's tourism industry is funded by visits to The Tower of London, the most popular attraction in England. In particular, those from Germany and France accounted for nearly 4,000,000 visitors in 2014. In that same year, a reported 9% of Britain's GDP came from international travelers. According to the UK Tourism Statistics published in 2014, for every, "1% increase in the cost of visiting the UK, the UK’s tourism earnings drop by 1.3%." However, the uncertainty of travel cost rising or falling is what is causing such a widespread panic in the tourism industry. One thing is for sure,but the domestic tourism industry in England is about to explode. Prepare to see advertisements boasting of the quaint attractions of Teignmouth, or the stately cathedral in Lincoln. As succinctly stated by Andrea Falsted from Bloomberg, "Expect a return of the 'staycation' the trend during the recession for Britons to stay at home and have days out, or holiday in the U.K."

In the meantime, enjoy these lovely posters advertising the picturesque qualities of Britain and Britishers should prepare to see many more pop up on their daily tube ride.


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