Gay Pride, June 25th

On June 25th, 1978, the rainbow flag that has become synonymous with the gay pride movement made its debut at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade in Union Square. Each color in the flag was chosen to represent life, sexuality, healing, nature, spirituality, serenity, and art. The choice of a rainbow design for the flag gave further credence to members of the LGBTQ community declaring themselves as, "friends of Dorothy." Baker designed the flag at the request of his friend, Harvey Milk. Sadly, six months after riding in the Pride parade under the newly designed flag, Milk was assassinated. 

This poster shows an illustrated map of San Francisco with gay-friendly businesses. It's a sad indication of those times that all the gay-friendly businesses in such a large city could be listed on a single poster. A symbiotic relationship based on respect for human rights between businesses and patrons is proposed in the illustration and accompanying text. The text below the illustration reads, "These are straight and gay businesses who welcome the gay community with open respect. If you respect your human rights, support the people who respect you."


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