Britain – England, Hastings Norman Castle

Great Britain c. 1950
20 x 30 in (51 x 76 cm)

British travel poster showcasing the Norman Castle of Hastings. This archeological site is beyond significant in the shaping of Modern England, as it is one of the first castles constructed by William the Conquerer, one of the most important figures in English history. From Normandy, he essentially unified the Anglo-Saxon empire, while also reducing Viking influence and making Britain more closely tied to Continental Europe. The Normans made a lasting, although in some ways negative, impact on the country, and the castle photographed here represents that. 

Artist: Judges' Ltd

Printer: Harrison and Sons

Condition: Excellent

Please note poster is linen backed

100-250 20x30 c. 1950 castle country england Great Britain Hastings hills medium Norman Castle old rubble travel travel advertisement

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