Liberty For All #31 The Beaver Painting

U.S.A, c. 1994

48 x 24 in (122 x 61 cm)


A rousing painting of a stylized take on the Statue of Liberty, accompanied by the caption "the statue holds the book of LIberty."

For Robyn "The Beaver" Beverland, painting was never just a hobby. The Beaver was born in 1957 in Oldsmar, Florida with a rare genetic condition called Wolfrand Syndrome that left him blind in one eye and only partially sighted in the other. In addition, he also dealt with cerebral palsy and diabetes. And so, painting became his lifeline, a creative outlet that sustained him throughout his day to day struggles. The Beaver was an entirely self-taught artist, and primarily used house paint, plywood, or cardboard to make his art. His art, painted simply without conventional perspective or structure, creates a delightful feeling of immediacy and clarity. The Beaver tragically passed away in 1998. Throughout it all he always said he tried to "live every minute and treasure every day." His optimism and positivity lives on in his artwork.

Artist: Robyn "The Beaver" Beverland

Material: House paint on plywood


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