Peter Max's Horoscope: Leo ✓

USA, 1971

14 x 22 in (34 x 55 cm)


"LEO / JULY 23-AUGUST 23 / I WILL / Leo is the sign of the Lion and a fixed fire sign. I am proud, / energetic and sometimes authoritative. I am ruled by the sun / and I rule the heart and back of man. I am generous, romantic / and creative. Love is of paramount importance. Compatible / signs are Sagittarius and Aries. / Color––Orange / Sign––Leo"


One of twelve color offset lithographs designed by Peter Max, each with unique illustrations and descriptions for the twelve astrological signs. The descriptions are the same as in his 1971 Astrologicalendar, which featured different designs.

Design: Peter Max

Printer: New York Sunday News

Condition: Excellent

Material: Linen-backed on canvas

100-250 1960s abstract astrologicalendar astrology birthday colorful constellation expressionism famous horoscope leo lion lsd mystical peter max pop art poster psychedelic sixties size-13-5-x-21-5 star chart stars vintage poster zodiac

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