Mondorf-les-Bains Poster

Luxembourg, c. 1930
25 x 39 in (64 x 99 cm)

Vintage travel poster advertising the amenities of Mondorf-les-Bains, a spa town in Luxembourg. The poster's geometric style lends a sense of immediacy to the artwork, reducing the silhouette of a reclining woman to only a few evocative curves. 

"Grand-duche de Luxembourg, establissement thermal et hydrotherapique de l'etat. Foie et vesicule biliare, rhumatisme, estomac, intenstin, nutrition, maladies colonailes, paludisme. Centre de tourisme." (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg thermal and hydrotherapic establishment of the state. Liver and gall bladder, rheumatism, stomach, intestines, nutrition, colon diseases, malaria. Tourism center.)

Artist: Gillen

Printed in Luxembourg

Year: c. 1930

Condition: Very good

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

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