Sturmfest Poster

Germany, 1938
18 x 27 in (46 x 69 cm)
ID #FF12B-PK8-L-#19

"Sturmfest, Sonnabend, 26. November 1938, In Sämtlichen Räumen des Winterhuder Fahrhauses Hudtwalckerstrasse...Der Reinertrag ist für anschaffung von motorrädern zur ausbildung der motor-hitler-jugen bestimmt" (Sturmfest, Saturday, November 26th, 1938, in all rooms of the Winterhuder Fährhauses Hudtwalckerstrasse...The net income is intended for the purchase of motorcycles for the training of the Hitler Youths)

This historical artifact comes from Germany's Third Reich, advertising a festival intended to raise money for the Nazis.

Year: 1938

Please note this can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional price. Please email for more information.

Condition: Good

250-500 foreign german germany nazi original posters poster print prints size-18x27 vintage ww2

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