Air France Joie Festival De La Vie Poster

France, c. 1981

24 x 39 in (61 x 99 cm)

ID #FF1C-L-02-3x

"Joy Festival Of Life"
A stunning musically themed collage shows a guitar on top of sheet music. A few mementos from around the world frame this piece: a seashell, postcards, Chinese art, etc. This detailed image can't help but spur wanderlust. 
Year: c. 1981

Artist: Roger Bezombes

Printer: Mourlot

In the early 1970s, Air France commissioned Roger Bezombes to do a series of posters advertising travel with the airline. Bezombes was a multi-media French artist who was known for his vibrantly colored pieces that rivaled the works of the post-impressionists. His quasi-abstract posters are filled with an amazing array of details, from different textures to hidden images. He held an obsession with found objects, creating a new type of collage. Bezombes was talented in many fields — working not only with graphic design, but fashion and sculpting, these mediums often bled into his poster work, forming his own distinct style. 

500-1000 Air France Air France Joie ... Festival de la Vie airlines airplane aviation aviation travel entertainment music c. 1980 collage entertainment FR France french La Marseillaise letters medium music musical instrument off linen; very good condition Original plane s sea shell sheet music silk screen size-24x39 strings travel vase vintage poster violin

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