Air France Merveilles De La Terre Poster

France, c. 1981

24 x 39 in (61 x 99 cm)

ID #FF1C-L-04-x5

"Wonders Of The Earth"

This wildly colored poster is a bit more minimalist than Bezombes' other works, but nonetheless fantastic. An abstract painted window looks out onto a psychedelic planet, showing a much groovier Earth than many know. 

Year: c. 1981

Artist: Roger Bezombes

Printer: Mourlot

In the early 1970s, Air France commissioned Roger Bezombes to do a series of posters advertising travel with the airline. Bezombes was a multi-media French artist who was known for his vibrantly colored pieces that rivaled the works of the post-impressionists. His quasi-abstract posters are filled with an amazing array of details, from different textures to hidden images. He held an obsession with found objects, creating a new type of collage. Bezombes was talented in many fields — working not only with graphic design, but fashion and sculpting, these mediums often bled into his poster work, forming his own distinct style. 


500-1000 Air France Air France Merveilles de la Terre airlines airplane aviation aviation travel c. 1980 collage Earth FR France french medium off linen; very good condition Original plane planet s silk screen size-24x39 space travel vintage poster window

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