Air France Vie Du Monde Poster

France, c. 1981

39 x 24 in (99 x 61 cm)


"Life of the World"

This fantastic poster is a combination of all of Bezombes designs for this Air France series, making it truly a special piece. Though these posters are wild enough on their own, putting them all together creates the most detailed poster seen before. It would take years to notice every detail in this incredible print!

Artist: Roger Bezombes

Printer: Mourlot

In the early 1970s, Air France commissioned Roger Bezombes to do a series of posters advertising travel with the airline. Bezombes was a multimedia French artist who was known for his vibrantly colored pieces that rivaled the works of the post-impressionists. His quasi-abstract posters are filled with an amazing array of details, from different textures to hidden images. He held an obsession with found objects, creating a new type of collage. Bezombes was talented in many fields — working not only with graphic design, but fashion and sculpting, these mediums often bled into his poster work, forming his own distinct style.

Condition: Good, very minor damages along the sides

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