Beiaardspel Mechelen Poster ✓

Belgium, c. 1930

24 x 40 in (61 x 102 cm)


Vintage Belgian poster advertising a carillon performance by esteemed Belgian musician Staf Nees. Carillon is music produced using bells in a tower, which are usually controlled by a keyboard. The poster features an illustration of carillon-playing, Staf Nees' outlined hands pressing down on different keys to create music in the tower above him.

"Beiaardspel Mechelen. Carillon Malines." (Carillon playing mechelen. Carillon malines.)

Artist: J.Joosen

Printer: Van Zegel

Year: c. 1930

Condition: Good, please note scratches along the lower left-hand border

Poster is linen-backed on canvas


*updated 2022

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