Bonal Poster

France, c. 1930
43 x 62 in (109 x 157 cm)
ID #FRLB100713

"Bonal, gentiane-quina des Montagnes de la Gde Chartreuse, Ouvre L'Appetit"

Translation: Bonal, gentian-quina from the mountains of the Grande Chartreuse The key to your Appetit 

A giant bottle of this aperitif rests in the front, with the Chartreuse Mountains in the background. Thi French region is where the herb which gives Bonal the special taste comes from. This original poster is beautiful! 

Artist: Ch. Lemmel

Printer: imp. des establissements Bonal

43x62 500-1000 alcohol beverage bonal drink france french medium pine tree size-43x62 snow