Casino De Paris Lisette Malidor Poster

France, c. 1975

37 x 52 in (94 x 132 cm)


"Casino de Paris, Revue a Grand Spectacle de Roland Petit avec Lisette Malidor." 

Translation: Casino of Paris, Grand Spectacle Revue of Roland Petit with Lisette Malidor 

This beautifully designed original vintage poster advertises a show in Paris starring Lisette Malidor. She was born in Martinique and moved to France where she became famous for dance and acting. Roland Petit was famous for his wild dancing shows and plays that often involved lots of feathers, color, glitter, and highly sexual dancing. The colors of this print are just lovely, a navy acting as the background to bright yellows and whites. 

Artist: Aslan

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 

Condition: Excellent


250-500 39 x 58 in / cm aslam black Casino de Paris entertainment France linen backed Original sexy size-37x52 theater theatre very nice condition vintage poster

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