Musée Yves Saint Laurent Poster

France, 2017
47 x 69 in (119 x 175 cm)

"Mon arme est le regard que je porte sur mon époque."

Translation: My weapon is the way I look at my time

This photo of famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent advertises the museum in Paris showcasing his work. This stunning photograph was taken by famous French photographer Jeanloup Sieff.

Artist: Jeanloup Sieff

Printer: Wolkoff et Arnodin

Year: 2017

Condition: Good

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. However, some posters do not require this service if they are in good condition. Email us at for more details.

100-250 advertisement art fashion foreign high fashion museum size-47x69