Société des Accumulateurs Légers Poster

France, c. 1890

24 x 32 in (61 x 81 cm)


Title: Light Accumulateur Company

"Applications Gles de l'Électricité Portative. Canne Lumineuse Électrique. Velophare Lanterne Électrique Pour Voitures, Bicyclettes, etc. La Miniere." (Patented S.G.D.G. Applications of Portable Electricity. Electric Light Rod. Velophare Electric Lantern For Cars, Bicycles, etc.)

Original vintage poster advertising electric lanterns. The poster shows just how versatile their product is: use it to bike around at night, as per the left panel, or alternatively use it to crack down on nighttime thievery, as per the right panel.

Artist: Lagroll

Printer: G. Bataille, Paris

Year: c. 1890

Condition: Good, please note scratches on the poster surface

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas

500-1000 advertisement belle epoque electricity french poster horizontal poster lamp lantern light original poster size-24x32 technology toc turn of the century vintage poster