The Post Riders Stamp Poster

USA, 1973

40 x 30 in (102 x 76 cm)


"The Post Riders / Communicating / the spirit. of '76 / "Post haste" for these mounted / letter carriers meant one complete / round trip a month on the 250 / miles of the Boston Post Road. / Their horns and hoofbeats / signalled the latest word / on the emergence of a nation. / Available now / Rise for the Spirit of Independence / Stamp collecting. For the fun of it. / Your Postal Service"

United States Postal Service poster advertising the release of a stamp commemorating the bicentennial of the American Revolution, paying homage to the post riders that would travel on the Boston Post Road during the revolution. Poster features a black and white illustration of a post rider (also used for the stamp design) against a stylized American flag background.

Condition: Please note vertical and horizontal fold lines, and creasing at edges.

Material: Paper

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