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Read about Jules Cheret, the Father of the Modern Poster. 


Jules Cheret (1836 - 1932) is known as the Father of the modern poster. He made a number of great contributions to the art of posters and made significant advancements in the technical production of printed media by making rapid color printing in volume possible. He was the first person to produce posters in mass through color lithography and played...

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Read about Peter Gee was a 1960s New York-based graphic designer.Neon print with targets and stars.

Peter Gee: Pop Art Superstar

Peter Gee was a British-born artist who rose to prominence as part of the 60s pop art movement in New York. Before moving to Manhattan in 1962, Gee had achieved moderate success in Europe. At 18, he joined the British army as a graphic designer, and soon after, his work was exhibited in the galleries of Paris and London. It...

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Painting of a man with leaves behind him.

Read about Joaquim Pedro Ribeiro Araujo, a Brazilian artist 

  Joaquim Pedro Ribeiro Araujo was a Brazilian artist prominent in the 1960s. Since his decade of international fame, during which Joaquim was the first South American artist invited to exhibit in countries as distant as Thailand and Pakistan, Joaquim’s contributions to modern art have been tragically lost to the ages. Through his art, Joaquim successfully captured the rising spiritualism...

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