About The Poster Museum

Buying and selling original vintage posters for more than 40 years.

Our Manhattan Gallery
Philip Williams Posters was established in Manhattan in 1973 by the director and prolific collector Philip Williams. While his online store grows daily it displays a mere fraction of Philip's inventory of over 500,000 artifacts, most of which we can guarantee you have never seen before. Visiting Philip's salon style gallery is a very special and unique experience. It is certainly a museum experience unlike any other, the only one of its kind in America and a New York City institution. His Tribeca gallery houses one of the largest private vintage poster collections in the world,  spanning more than 12,600 square feet and featuring over 100,000 unique posters dating from 1870 to the present. Other artifacts amongst Philip's collection and displayed on rotation are advertising ephemera, maitre de l'affiche, poster books and other types of art, including a collection of more than 2,000 original paintings and sculptures primarily from Southern artists. The gallery also offers linen backing, conservation, restoration, and custom framing. Be sure to visit us in Tribeca, 10-7, Monday-Saturday.

Buying your Special Pieces
For over 40 years Philip has been expanding his collection of original vintage posters and is regularly looking for new acquisitions. If you have a special item or even an entire collection that you are interested in selling we would be more than happy to know about it. For inquires please email us at postermuseum@gmail.com. Make sure you attach a good image and be as detailed as possible in your description of the piece (the following specs help: measurements, provenance, original date, artist, estimate).

POSTERMUSEUM.COM maintains a growing collection of original vintage posters. Discover the diverse and vibrant history of posters by browsing each category or search the collections pages that have been carefully curated by Philip and his team. A poster is an encapsulation of the art, politics, propaganda and cultural specificity of a single point in time. They allow us to gather a real sense of what a community saw and spoke about, and in many ways, offer us a direct portal into the the ideas and images of the past.

Additionally, if you have any insight regarding the posters you see on the website we would love to hear from you. Most of the posters you see here pre-date the internet or were never even written about making the provenance of certain pieces near impossible to find. Therefore, any information you could share to do with an artist, product or printer depicted would be most welcome. Please email us at postermuseum@gmail.com with any information or comments.