Groupement de l'Industrie Sidérurgique Original Art

France, 1960

47 x 62 in (119 x 157 cm)


"Groupement de l'Industrie Sidérurgique / Emprunt Acier"

Original artwork / maquette by French artist Raoul Eric Castel (1915-1997). The Groupement de l'Industrie Sidérurgique was a French steel industry group advertising the ability for members to apply for steel financing/loans. This poster is a working drawing, meaning it was an exploratory drawing used to brainstorm the end result of what the final poster would look like, and is therefore considered an original art piece by the artist. Castel also used gouache paint which is similar to watercolor in its composition, but is designed to be opaque and dries to a flat finish with intense concentrations of large pigments.

Artist: Raoul Eric Castel

Year: 1960

Condition: Vertical crease through the center of the artwork top to bottom; minor color loss in spots throughout image.

This poster/art is linen backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

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