Amieux-Freres Original Poster

France, 1899

39 x 53 in (98 x 133 cm)

ID #LBFA-V-025

This lovely vintage poster advertises a brand of preserved products from France. The serene image is in funky colors, making it an eye-catching print. Two women hard at work overlook the beautiful blue bay of fishermen and other industrious people. This print is in the classic turn-of-the-century style and is an original print from the 1890's in nearly perfect condition. 

Another version of this print has words in the blank space saying the name of the company, "Amieux-Freres" and then "Sardines et Toutes conserves, 11 usines employant, 3500 ouvrts produisant par an" (Sardines and All preserves, 11 factories employing, 3500 workers producing per year).

Artist: Georges Fay

Printer: P. Vercasson 

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