Ramphastos Tocard Gould and Richter Lithograph

UK c. 1990

14 x 19 in (36 x 48 cm)

ID #FF31C-PK1-2-S

"Ramphastos Tocard"

Publisher: Hullmandel & Walton

Artist: Gould & Richter

Image: 2 yellow-throated toucans are perched on branches. The one higher up has its beak slightly open and both appear to be looking at something out of the frame above them. Their latin name is typed in outlined block letters underneath and the printer / artist are stamped in the bottom-right hand corner.

Condition: Very good.

Material: Paper

50-100 animals birds drawing jungle nature original poster print size-14-x-19 small toucan toucanets tree vintage vintage poster wildlife

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