Chemins de Fer d'Orleans Poster ✓

France, 1910

40 x 30 in (102 x 76 cm)


Vintage French travel poster showcasing France's natural beauty. The poster's center illustration, framed cleverly by an image of suspended railway track, a train puffing away on top of it, is of the Agout River. Bordering this rushing river is the Sidobre and the other mountains of the Massif Central. 

"Chemins de fer d'Orleans du Midi et du Tarn. La vallee de l'Agout. Le Massif du Sidobre." (Orleans, Midi, and Tarn Railways. The Agout valley. The Sidobre Massif.)

Artist: George Dorival

Printer: Herold & Cie, Levallois, Paris

Year: 1910

Condition: Fair, please note restoration along the lower right corner

Poster is linen-backed on canvas


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