Orfeusz w Piekle Polish Theater Poster

Poland, 1969

26 x 33 in (66 x 84 cm)


"Orfeusz w Piekle"


Image: On this Polish film poster, fishnet-clad legs stick out of an orange circle. In red cursive text, the name of the play in Polish--"Orpheus in Hell"--is prominently displayed. The theatre--Teatr Wielki W Lodzi--is written above the title of the play. The playwright's name--J. Offenbach-- is seen on the bottom right-hand corner.

Artist: R. Bubiec

Year: 1969

Condition: Excellent

Materials: Paper on a linen backing.

250-500 drama event legs linen backed orange original play polish poster show size-26-x-33 teatr wielki theater theatre vintage vintage poster yellow