Exhibit Supply Co. How To Make Love's Dream Come True Print

13 x 19 in (33 x 48 cm)

ID #101804

"Want to marry soon?" 

Original poster published by the Exhibit Supply Company circa the mid-late 1940s. This poster would have hung above machines on boardwalks or arcades. They would often promote games, fortune teller cards, or similar attractions. 

 Year: c. 1945 


100-250 c.1940 Cast: Categories: product entertainment Country: US United States Countrysubject: US United States Decade: 1940 Description: DescriptionColor: DescriptionGenre: DescriptionTheme: Director: engagement Exhibit Supply Company Genre: original vintage poster OriginalTitle: Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- WANT TO MARRY SOON Originalyear: product Production: size-13x19 Size: 12.5 x 18.5 in / 31.7 x 47 cm vintage Exhibit Supply Co. posters WANT TO MARRY SOON Year: c. 1940