Cabaret de l'Exil Zingaro Poster

France, 2023

69 x 47 in (175 x 119 cm)

ID #BB05-PK14&16-S

"Cabaret de l'Exil Zingaro / Conception Bartabas / Femmes Persanes / À Partir du 20 Octobre Fort 'd'Aubervilliers"

For the third iteration of the “Cabaret de l’exil” (Cabaret of Exile), Bartabas pays tribute to Persian women at the Fort d’Aubervilliers in the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre.

Condition: Excellent

Material: Paper

100-250 contemporary poster fort d'aubervilles french theater performance persian women poster size-69-x-47 theater poster theatre poster Zingaro tribe