Francois-Joseph l'Imputrescible, Empereur des Vautours

24 x 28 in (61 x 71 cm)
Title: Francois-Joseph the Imputrescible, the Rot, Emperor of the Vultures

Artist: A.Barrere

Printer: Imprimerie 26 rue Philippe-de-Girard, Paris

Description: This image depicts Francis Joseph I (1830-1916), Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. He appears in the form of an exhausted vulture. This one is plucked and skeletal. His old age is thus underlined: the old monarch is indeed 84 years old. Moreover, he looks ominously in front of him, and he has some pieces of carrion within reach of his claws. The artist suggests that the emperor reigns a frail Austria-Hungary ill-prepared for a long war, fighting to try to contain the disintegration of the empire.

French Poster

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