Gerlach's Allegorien No. 74

Austria, c. 1897

18 x 14 in (46 x 36 cm)

ID #FF12C-PK12-S

"Schiess Sport / Rethorik Chemie / Poesie Ex Libris"

Allegorien-Neue Folge was a serialized folio published in installments between 1895 and 1900. Martin Gerlach, its publisher, selected the most exciting and innovative artists of the region to contribute works to the series, including Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser, and Carl Otto Czeschka. Each plate explores a different theme or collection of topics, such as, astronomy, dance, or graphic arts.

Image: A series of images of people examing a statue, a man playing baseball, a skeleton drinking wine, and a a man with his arm extended outward make up this plate about Sports and Sciences.

Designer: Berthold Löffler

Printer: Wien Verlag Gerlach und Schenk

Condition: Fair

Material: Paper

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