Our Boys in France Tobacco Fund Booklet

USA, c. 1915

15 x 10 in (38 x 25 cm)

ID #FF19D-PK21-S

"Official Collection List for 'Our Boys in France Tobacco Fund' / Help Her Fill a Pipe for an American Fighting Man / Use this official collecting list to secure contributions in your office, shop, home, club, lodge, church. This plan gives all a chance to do their 'bit'. / He needs tobacco just as much as bandages and socks so use this list to get the cash to fill his 'baccy' box."

A collection list for those looking to donate tobacco products to soldiers overseas during WWI. This 4-page book has empty space to write a name, full address, and amount to donate on the inside and an example of what $1.00 looks like on the back page.

Artist: Clarence F. Underwood

Condition: Poor; please note the various tears and pieces missing from poster.

Material: Paper

50-100 american army booklet brochure military pipe poster propaganda size-15-x-10 smoking tobacco united states vintage poster world war 1 WWI

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