Sicherungen Nicht Flicken Poster

Austria, c. 1930

16 x 12 in (41 x 30 cm)

ID #FF12C-PK12-S

"Solche Sicherungen sinchern nicht / Sicherungen nicht flicken / Lebensgefahr / Feuersgefahr"

Image: The Austrian Central Unit for Safety Protection published this poster featuring a black and white image of a fuse to warn of the dangers of trying to fix it.

English translation: "Do not secure such fuses / Do not patch fuses / Risk of death / Risk of fire"

Printer: Piller Druck Wien VII.

Condition: Good; please note the horizontal fold line through the middle of poster

Material: Paper

100-250 austria austrian fuse german labor poster psa red safety size-16-x-12 vintage poster work