SNCF: Paris Metz 72 Poster

France, 1972

39 x 24 in (99 x 61 cm)


Poster advertising SNCF, the French national rail company. "PARIS METZ 72. new schedules new materials. 8 day trains. Better distribution of hours. More comfortable material. Improved relations with Hagondange, Thionville, Luxembourg, Sarreguemines, Forbach, Saarbrücken. Departure of TEE "Goethe" Paris / Metz / Frankfurt at 8 am".

"PARIS METZ 72 nouvaeux horaires nouveaux materiels 8 trains de jour meilleure repartition des horaires materiel plus confortable relations ameliorees avec Hagondange, Thionville, Luxembourg, Sarreguemines, Forbach, Sarrebruck Depart du TEE "Goethe" Paris/Metz/Francfort a 8 heures"

Condition: Good, note restoration

Please note poster is linen backed

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