Philips 4K

Seguin C.

47 x 63 in (119 x 160 cm)


Full title: Machine A Laver 4k PHILIPS

Translation: Washing Machine 4k Philips

Artist: Seguin

Year: c.1960

Condition: Excellent

Description: Vintage poster featuring a white cartoon man measuring the machine against a blue background. The poster's size is 47x63 inches, which is a standard size for French posters known as a "grande" or "affiche grande. During the mid-20th century, Philips's marketing company was known for its innovative products and bold marketing campaigns, and it often used colorful, eye-catching posters to promote its brand and products.

Today, vintage Philips posters are highly collectible and can be found in the collections of museums and private collectors around the world. They offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of advertising and design, and they continue to inspire artists and designers today.

This poster is linen-backed on acid-free paper and canvas. 

1960 500-1000 appliance appliances clothing french home appliances horizontal large lavadora size-47x63 washing machine